Lush Cosmetics Tea Tree Water Toner Review

This post officially opens my blog. If you are a follower of my instagram beauty account, I’d bet you know that one of my new year’s resolution is to improve my skincare.

Recently, I’ve been trying different brands in my journey to finding HGs.

When I went to Lush, I just initially thought of buying the Mask of Magnaminty. The sales person talked me into buying this product. I am caught by the idea that it is a toner water.

Checking the ingredients part, it contains tea tree which is a antimicrobial and antiseptic-good for oily or spot prone skin. It also contains Grapefruit water, Juniperberry Water and Limonene. This has Paraben too, if you are particular with that. Me, not very much.

One thing I love about the product is that the tea tree scent is not so strong. I have a thing with scents and I think if the product is meant for the face, it should not have/contain strong scent.

How I use it? The sales person told me that it can be sprayed anytime. Even on top of your makeup. The label also says that it is aromatherapy in dilution, ready to be used at a moments notice. I use this on the toner part of my skincare routine. Or sometimes when I feel like my face is extra oily.

My thoughts? I love the refreshing feeling after every spray. In a way I do notice that my pimples are not as red whenever I put this on my face.

Another concept that I like is that lush is handmade and the containers are recycable. Make sure to keep your empties so you can exchange it for a free face mask.

Overall, I love the concept of toner water. Sometimes other toners can have too much alcohol content for my liking. I might try the other variants as well.

Price: Php325 for 100g spray bottle, LUSH COSMETICS SM North

Have you tried this product as well? Share your thoughts and comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Lush Cosmetics Tea Tree Water Toner Review

  1. Hi Keith! Charm here (@sharmainemayjms in IG). This is a great appetizer post! Now interested with this too.
    Do you apply this with a cotton swab after Cleansing?
    Currently I’m using Celeteque’s Alcohol-free toner, Hydration variant. It works wonders too!

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