Online Shopping 101 from an Online Shopaholic

I guess online shopping is my addiction. I’m a lazy person so I love the convinience of having my items delivered in my footsteps. I can say that almost all couriers have already been in my address and I have actually friended some of the delivery peeps.
A lot of my followers and friends usually ask me where I purchase my beauty items/makeup. When I say that I bought it online, I usually notice a bit of hesitation from them.

I’ll tell you the common factors why girls don’t opt for online shopping and how I deal with those situations.

Problem: Payment Security and Payment Method

I understand that this is a valid concern. Money is something we all value a lot because it is the fruit of our hardships. I also fear sometimes that I might get scammed or whatever.

How I deal with it?

Most shopping websites I know accepts Paypal as a method of payment. If you have a card or bank account, you can link it to your paypal account and use that instead of manually entering your bank information. I always use paypal because I know that it is the safest way to pay.

Alternatively, you can apply for Prepaid cards powered by Visa and Mastercards that is specifically made for online shopping purposes. It gives you the control on how much money you want to put in the card and it uses a card number that is not linked to your personal account for security. I believe most banks have this options already. Even Globe G-cash offers it too!

My recent discovery is PayMaya, which is an downloadable app that works like prepaid cards. You can load your account in 711 stores.

Problem: Shade match/ Skin Reaction

It’s really a struggle to buy makeup without testing it first. We fear that it will not suit our skintone or we won’t like the formulation. Worse, women with sensitive skin might get negative reactions from the products. And I know, swatching at makeup counters can be so fun sometimes.

How I deal with it?

Research. Lots and lots of research. There are thousands of beauty bloggers around the world and it is so impossible that none of them have tried the product your eyeing. But also, take note of their skin type and skin tone because again we’re not all built the same. My point is you can get an idea on how products work for them but you still have to make your personal judgement.

I don’t buy foundations online because I don’t trust shade matching. For lipstick I google for example “Mac flat out fabulous morena”. Google is quiet smart and will show you what you want to see (lipstick swatch and when worn). Eyeshadows, I read blog reviews. I consider what they say about pigmentation and wearability.

Lastly, skincare is where I gamble. It is so hard to really test a skincare product because it can take days before you notice the flaws so I make sure to look at the description. Most of the labels specifically say if the product is made for oily, dry or combination skin.

Problem: Fake Products/ Scammers

Don’t be fooled by fake products. You don’t know what’s in it! I used to be a victim and I already learned my lesson.

And there will always be a seller out there who will try to scam you at least once in your life, so watch out for that as well.

How I deal with it?

The first thing you will notice about fakes is the price. You will never get a Mac lipstick for only Php120. The rule is if the price is too good to be true, more often than not it is a fake! Always make it a habit to check the correct prices online. Secondly, there’s no such thing as Class AAAA replica or SG Authentic. A replica is a replica and another word for that is fake.

For sellers, most website-based shops are legit. Again you can google it if you want to know the authenticity of the site. If you are shopping through Facebook or Instagram, take note the number of followers, the feedbacks and don’t hesitate to ask questions to the seller if you are still in doubt. If everything sounds fishy, don’t buy. Simple as that.

There you go. These are my personal tips based on my experience and observations from doing online shopping for years now. I also sell some of my preloved makeup and I consider the side of being a seller here as well. I hope you find this article helpful. If there is anything you consider about online shopping that I wasn’t able to discuss, just comment down below or send me a message! Thanks.

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