Beachborn Bam Balm Lip Scrub + Plumper Review

Being a matte lipstick addict, my lips always chap, crack and becomes dry during the day. I always have a lipbalm on my purse to save my life.

Recently, I discovered a new favorite from Beachborn (the distributor of the famous sea salt spray-my review soon!). They released Bam Balm which is said to be a lip scrub, lip plumper and lip moisturizer in one!

I was blown away by the concept because I love lipscrubs but they always come in a jar packaging. So you have to scoop it up and apply it on your lips. Now, it wil all be mess-free application.

Ingredients. Beeswax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Brown Sugar.

I love the minty feeling. And I read from their page that it is also edible that you can just lick it off! Kissable and moisturized lips is really guaranteed after.

Overall, I love this product. I think the idea is smart. I will also post my review of the Sea Salt Spray so stay tuned.

Beachborn is such a promising brand that uses all-natural products. I will definitely support future products that they will release.

Price: Php168, please check @beachbornph on Instagram

I want to hear your thoughts. Comment below girls!

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