Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

I believe we all know that mascara is that one makeup product that gets expired the soonest. Based on other blogs and makeup books, it can only be used at most 6 months after you’ve opened it. Because of that, I never buy expensive brands.

What I love about Maybelline is their mascaras. So many variants to choose from and I think all are pretty amazing. Recently, they released The Lash Sensational that really caught my attention. I actually took the buy 2 get 1 promo they have last May and hoarded on these new babies.

My thoughts? The first thing that I noticed is the brush. Look how the bristles are separated from each other, making the coating process more precise and even. The brush design also prevents clumping.

For the formula, I notice that it is a bit drier than other mascara variants. I prefer this type because it sets up quickly and it never clumps.

Well as you know, I am a woman blessed with long lashes. I can go on with my life without using a mascara, just the curler. I used to stay away from those who are meant to give a lot of volume because it makes me look like I’m wearing false eyelashes which I don’t like to happen in my normal day. I was even asked one time if I had undergone lash extensions. So thank you to this Lash Sensational because it just naturally defines my lashes without that fake feeling.

For the staying power, it actually lasted more than I need it to. I was able to come home from a long day with a fab lashes. It can also be removed by an oil-based cleanser or an eye and lip makeup remover.

I love this mascara and I think this will be my HG from now.

Price: Php429, Maybelline, SM Beauty Section/ Watsons 

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