The Unstoppable Love for Althea Korea

Last February, Althea Korea launched their Philippine website. It is an online shop for Korean Skincare and Makeup. I used to shy away from Korean products here in the Philippines because maybe I’m not that familiar and I don’t want to take risks. I also consider that it can sometimes be too pricey that what I expect them too be.
Browsing through their page, I got so tempted that I placed my first order. The price is way better than the Korean stores here in Philippines. I felt like I made the best deal in my life ever. So from there I got addicted and made two orders after.

Let me just remind you that this is not a paid post. I’m just a little girl that got hooked with pink boxes. I love how you can get additional discounts on top of the already discounted price from time to time. Free products can also be added to your cart and Daebak deals (buy 1 take 1) on their featured products.

No matter how many items you ordered, you will get a Pink Althea Beauty box that is reusable and very functional.

The only thing I want more from Althea is to add more products like Corsx, Benton and Mizon. Besides from that, I couldn’t complain about anything. The payment process is smooth and delivery was pretty impressive. You will get your products as soon as four days after your successful purchase and that is actually straight from Korea!!!

You can also get more discounts by registering through this link and by using my code “makeupkeith”.

Already planning my fourth purchase, what are the items you want to get from Althea Korea?

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Hi there! I am a blogger and social media influencer from the Philippines. I love collecting makeup and I am big on skin care! Welcome to my thoughts and I hope you enjoy dropping by! :)

4 thoughts on “The Unstoppable Love for Althea Korea

  1. Ako din… nung first ung pinaka gusto kong bb cream! Hahaha kaso hanggang ngayon wala pa second order ko.. huhuhu wala pa nga tracking pero ncheck ko processing cod..hahaha dahil diko mahintay nag order ako buy 1 take ng daebak hahahahaha

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