Makeup Advise for Students

School year just recently started and I wish I can go back to school. I miss all the HS and College drama, friends and of course learning new things. I’ve mentioned before that I started wearing makeup when I was in high school. It was a fun and exciting experience to see myself go through a serious makeup journey. Looking at my old photos, so much has changed and my makeup game definitely leveled up. Just recently, I have come up with some advices that I wish I can tell myself back then. I know it is a learning process but you wouldn’t mind to get a little acceleration to the basic beauty knowledge, right?

1. Don’t overdo anything.

Most schools actually prohibit students on wearing makeup. My school before didn’t mind much, lucky me. But one biggest mistake I have done is doing things too much. I have been scolded because I got Pikachu cheeks and emo-thick eye liner. I used to think that more is better. I never thought that it looks stupid and it’s not even pretty at all. Yes, I might be getting attention but not in a positive way. The lesson here is don’t be overwhelmed by your makeup products. Use just the right amount of everything.

2. Know what to get.

As a student with limited budget for makeup shopping, it is important that nothing goes to waste. I used to save money to buy a foundation but end up not using the entire bottle because I made a mistake on the shade. You are lucky because you can google and read beauty blog reviews about almost all beauty products now. Back then, I just guess or pray that the product will work for me. Make sure to check labels as well. Knowing what to purchase saves you money.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask.

I used to be a very shy girl. I don’t ask. Whenever the saleslady on a makeup counter approaches me, I walk away. Now I have to say to you to not do that. They are there to help you. They can even provide you a makeover. Their assistance is relevant for you to test the products for you to avoid making a mistake.

4. Avoid putting makeup as much as possible.

If I can turn back time, I would have listened to my mother. She always tells me that my time will come and I’m prettier with naked face. With improper use of makeup I tend to look older. And since I’m not into skincare back then, I did break out a lot. So as much as possible, save your precious youthful skin. It’s a better reward when you get older.
Tell me what you think and comment it below.

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