Things to Remember about Rape

I am writing this because I’m deeply bothered with the latest news about cases of rapes and assaults that happened recently. It is undeniably disturbing to know that taxi and fx drivers are the main suspects of these crimes. I’m really hopeful that our new administration will help the victims to get the kind of justice they deserve.

Today, let’s all be reminded of the things we should always keep in mind about rape. It is always better to be armed with knowledge.

First I want to point up some things about rape.

  1. Anyone can be a rapist.

This is one hard reality that we need to swallow. Not all suspects are like the ones you see in movies. According to statistics, majority of these abusers happen to be within your social circle. It can even be a friend or family.

2. It is not how you dress.

Many people tells that the way you dress contributes a lot to you being a rape target. This is a total evidence of Victim Blaming and I’m really against this point. Whatever you are wearing, you deserve equal respect from men. There is no such thing as being provoked.

3. Fight.

As much as you can, do everything to fight back. I’m not a physically strong woman but I watch a lot of MMA fights and  practice them at home. The trick here is to know what to do in specific situations that you’re being locked down by your attacker.

4. Be responsible with your own actions.

Never ever let yourself in a situation that you are not able to think or you are so drunk to function. Always remember that rapists will take advantage of the weakness you put to yourself. When going out, make sure to not accept any drinks or food from strangers. Don’t drink too much and always have your friends around you so you can watch out for each other.

5. Travel with caution.

Eversince the news came out about the two ladies being raped in a public van, I make sure I am extra cautious in choosing the rides I take. Always text the plate number to your family or to your partner. Watch out for tinted rides. And to be extra safe, install a tracking app in your phone.

6. Bring protection.

I always have a cutter in my bag during my college days. But I dropped the idea when I started working. Now, I’m considering buying a pepper spray or an alarm keychain.

7. Rape is being powerless.

It is not about the intercourse but it is about consent. As long as you are forced to do a sexual act against your will it is already considered as a form of abuse.

I also read somewhere that most of the rape cases are actually planned. They don’t do it out of impulse. They have carefully thought about it and sometimes been targeting their victim for the longest time. I also want to point out that it is okay to assume but not in a paranoid way. If somebody makes you uncomfortable sexually, it’s a already a big hint to stay away from that person. If it goes beyond your guts, don’t hesitate to report them or file a complaint. Most girls I know allow themselves to get verbally abused without them knowing. It may sound like a joke sometimes but letting them to continue throwing provocative jokes on you is like giving them a go signal for them to target you even more. Again, don’t let abusive guys manipulate you. There is no acceptable excuse if they are rude or sexually offending.

I pray for all the victims. I hope they find peace inside of them. Also, please always be safe. I hope the rape crime rate will decrease moving forward.

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