Makeup on Point During Rainy Season

It’s time for my favorite season! I love rainy days. It kinda make me feel calm and relaxed. I wish I can just stay home and cuddle in my bed forever. I love reading books while the rain is pouring because it makes me focus more. I also like sipping a hot beverage and contemplate on my thoughts. You can see what type of person I am here. However, I need to work. And part of that is getting ready everyday and making sure that I don’t look like drenched mess when I arrive in the office. So today, I’m going to share some tips I have figured out through years on how to survive the rainy day season.

1. Keep it less. 

I know it’s tempting to look fab all season but sometimes if the weather is really bad and you need to use a public transport, it’s easier to just put a light makeup. Normally, I just put three things on my face- powder, mascara and vampy lipstick. For me it’s easier to retouch or to redo your face whatever happens to your day. Or you can layer more products once your in a comfortable and dry face.

2. Primer is everything. 

If you opt to do a full face makeup, make sure to use primers for everything. Use an eyeshadow primer, face primer and a lip primer. Believe me, it does make a lot of difference. And it will really extend your makeup through the worst weather conditions.

3. Use waterproof makeup. 

This one is no-brainer and that’s the reason why waterproof lines are created. Make sure your mascara and eyeliners can withstand water because these two are the easiest to fade. You don’t want to get smudges all around your eye area because you didn’t take note of the products you used.

4. Finishing Spray is your BFF 

I don’t usually wear finishing spray during normal days but rainy season calls for it. This is the best time to use this product to seal and protect your makeup. There are also a lot of variants out there depending on your skin type or the finish you want for your face. You can also use water mists as an alternative for a lighter feeling.

5. Cream cream cream. 

As well all know, cream products stays longer in your face than powder products. It can also be blended effortlessly giving you the most natutal look you want for this season. I specifically use cream blushes during this time of the year. I also noticed that powder faded away easily and streaks when water becomes contact. And it’s sometimes too hard to fix the mess that it created.

6. Pack and Protect. 

It is important to be ready and bring essentials like an umbrella. Also, you need to have a trusty makeup retouching bag. Don’t forget to bring facial wipes because it comes to be very handy.

Remember girls we can stay pretty all year round. We just need to properly prepare for the season. Hope you catch some tips you can use! Comment below if you have questions.


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