Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream in Birthday Suit Review

Whenever I purchase a new lipstick from a brand or if it is from a newly released line, I usually grab only one shade first which is the bestseller. And then if I really liked the formula, I immediately plan to buy the other shades.

Sleek Matte Me line is not really new in the market. They actually introduced a wave 2 of shades just weeks ago. Just like other matte liquid lipsticks, it promises to be super matte and stays through out the day.

My thoughts?

I initially noticed the packaging. I love that it is cuboidal in shape because it’s easier to stock up products with this kind of packaging than the rounded ones. It also comes with your usual flat tip applicator for smooth and thin application.

For the shade, Birthday suit is described to be rosy beige. I initially thought that it will be more of a nude shade because of the name but it looks like a pretty muted rose shade to my skintone.

Look at how it looks on my morena skin. Btw, I love Snapchat filters.

About the formula, the application is really smooth. I apply a very thin layer only and it’s so opaque already. It dries fast too and you might feel a slight hardening effect on your lips. It transfers a little and starts to crumble after a few hours. I just let it that way because retouching will make the crumbling worse. After around 10 hours, there are signs of unevenness but looks tolerable (10 hours is pretty long, hey). Note that I have a very dry and chappy lips. Effects may also differ for you girls.

Overall, I believe this liquid lipstick is a good entry product if you’re starting to like matte liquid formulations. The shade is very flattering even for morenas and can be perfect for students to use for their everyday look.

Price: Php450, Sleek Makeup counters, SM Beauty Section/Zalora

Have you tried this lippie? Comment your thoughts below.

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