The Reason Why I’m Done with Dupes (Lipsticks)

I remember the times I started to get hooked with makeup. As a normal beginner, I usually prefer the most affordable things I can try- the cheapest lipsticks and foundations. Inside me I have this thinking that they are all the same, like how generic medicines and branded medicines work.

And then I started reading blogs, watching Youtube videos and researching on my own. That’s when I became aware of what’s more out there.

How many times I bought a nude lippie just to get the perfect dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy? I really couldn’t remember. All I know is that I spent more than the price of MAC lipstick and still walk home not happy.

The hard lesson that I’m trying to say here is dupes are great alternatives but they will forever remain to be the lipstick that you really don’t want.

I’m nothing against any one of you who prefer to be practical in this matter. But you have to trust me to the fact that I’ve tried most of the brands available. From time to time I still buy drugstore lipsticks because of me being impulsive, but history repeats itself and I feel that I just wasted my money again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not generalizing all affordable brands. I’m still a big fan of NYX and Wet and Wild Megalasts.

Like what Selena Gomez said, the heart wants what it wants. If you really want something, get it. If you still can’t afford it, work hard and think of it as your big prize. Don’t settle for anything that will not make you really happy. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Do you have the same experience like this. I want to hear your story. Comment it below

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8 thoughts on “The Reason Why I’m Done with Dupes (Lipsticks)

  1. I know exactly what you mean, there have been so many times I’ve really wanted something and refused to spend the money and ended up with a shitty version that’s never been used. Sometimes dupes are amazing and you feel like you’ve discovered a hidden gem, but a lot of the time they’re nowhere near as good as the original that’s worth the extra cash! x

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  2. Duping if there is actually a word like that is now what beauty brands are using to sell their products like hot pancakes. It is a marketing strategy really. Don’t have money for a Kylir lip kit? We got dupes less than 1000 pesos. People will buy it but the truth will always show, there is no such thing as same products. Perhaps if it is manufactured by the same company then they can be alike. But the consistency, shade, undertone, scent, formula, longetivity and all are different. I agree with you and I am trulg saving my money for what I love. Nice article! πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi there!

      Yes I agree that brands use it as a marketing strategy to sell their products. But let’s stick to the things we really want. Thanks for reading and sharing your side about this matter!

      Loves, Keith


  3. As a makeup beginner – and already in my late twenties at that πŸ˜“ – I haven’t really ‘wanted’ high-end brands, and had search for their ‘dupes’ in the cheaper market. I guess it’s also in my natural instinct, being a mom and practical buyer, that whenever I see an expensive product stall, see a review or even endorsements of it, I just don’t get interested. I don’t have a favorite MAC shade, nor Kylie lip kit swatch, or whatever it is infamous out there. With lip products, I’m currently on the bandwagon for Kissproof, because I got attracted to its shade number 6 (It’s only my lifetime’s 2nd favorited lipstick, the first one I fell in love with was Sophie Paris’ Caramel Sugar). If I hadn’t seen that lip swatch of that #6, I wouldn’t buy the brand at all. And now that shade is my MLBB shade, and since knowing it’s high lead content, I decided to just finish off my 2nd and 3rd pencils and grab a much safer brand that’s a ‘dupe’ of that shade. Now I’m eyeing Colourpop’s Bumble and Sooperbeaute’s Hydra. So I guess, to share my story here, is a rather peculiar surprise to the ‘duping’ game cause it’s the other way around. Hope it fancied you! πŸ˜…

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    1. Hi Sharmaine!
      I find your comment interesting! As long as you are happy with the lipstick you have, I think that is enough. What matters here is the joy or the thrill or the “ganda effect” you feel whenever you wear the lippie, regardless of the brand.

      Although for me, I have compared a lot of brands through the years. So my version of happiness is a little way up there.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. 😊 This means a lot to me. And btw, if you love kissproof you might also want to try Happy Skin Matte Lippies.


      1. That is so true. I love how the lippies I wear make me feel ‘gorjas’ – to say in a maarte kinda way. Especially as I wasn’t much into makeup before, and had been using lip and Cheek tints to colour my face until early this year.
        Thank you to you too!
        You’re the first ever makeup blogger that I really take time to read the posts, cause they’re worth the ‘tap on the link in the bio’. Hahaha. Thanks for your thorough reviews, short and simple. No fuss βœ”
        Yes, I do love Happy Skin! Yet, I haven’t tried them as I haven’t seen a shade I’d fallen for yet. I’ll just tune in.
        Thanks for your reply, looking forward to reading more of your posts, keep ’em coming 🏁

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