Piolang Cp-1 Magic Styling Shampoo Review

I bought this shampoo I think 3 months ago from Althea Korea. I was persuaded by the thought that it is an Editor’s Pick. And being a girl with moody and naturally wavy hair, I was sold by the idea that it can magically straightened my hair.

As per the product description on the website, the shampoo contains the six kinds of hair-like protein to make the hair shine and straighten such as Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soybean Protein, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, RIce Protein, Potato Protein and Extensin.

It claims to normalize the balance of hair, induce tamed hair and makes styling easier than ever. It also cleanses wastes in pores deeply and moisturizes hair and scalp.

If you will check the back of the tube, all are written in Korean so no use for the label.

How to use?

Like the normal method of shampooing, you need to wet your entire hair and apply an applicable amount. Massage your scalp and hair then rinse it off completely with water. It is also recommended to use other hair products on their line to achieve maximum results.

The texture and viscosity is comparable to the other shampoos that we know. It has a slight chemical scent you get from hair treatment products from salons.

My thoughts: 

The first time I used the product, I really noticed a big difference. It is not the type that can make your hair instantly straight, but you will feel that it is more tamed and manageable. You know how much I love the Keratin Silk Injection from the same brand and that is also what I thought of this product. And yes, it yields better results when I apply the Keratin Injection after using the shampoo.

But after a month of continously using the product, I freaked out to see that I am having a serious dandruff problem. I have a sensitive scalp so results might differ to you. Since I still want to use it, I tested another shampoo for a week and my dandruff were gone. Then I used the CP1 Magic Styling Shampoo again, giving it a second chance but unfortunately it gave me a horrible scalp again.

Overall, as much as I see this to be an effective alternative to salon treatments, it is not for me. I hope this review finds you well with your purchasing decisions.

Price: Php450, Althea Korea

Have you tried this shampoo? Comment your thoughts below.

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