Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder Review

Being in the country where heat is unpredictable, even when it is rainy season, it is so normal for a girl like me (oily face) to do several touch ups during the day. Sometimes, heavy duty foundations are still not enough to praise the heavens. I am lately obsessed with fixing powders and one that I am raving over and over in Instagram is this powder from Essence Cosmetics.

As per the label:
-extremely smooth fixing compact powder for a matte and natural finish all day long, helps to blend blush and foundation colors together, fixes makeup when applied as finishing powder and suits all skin tones.

Maybe you will be asking about the difference between the normal pressed powder that we are all accustomed to, right? Fixing powders are light and translucent. It is colorless, meaning it does not give any coverage. It is meant for retouching without making your face to look like a pile of powder.

thick swatch on my hand, blends on your face when applied

How I use?
*Take note of this. This Essence powder is best paired with Becca Primer. Believe me that it is the most effective combination I have tried so far to keep oil at bay.

For my normal day, I either use a bb cream, cushion foundation or a liquid foundation. I set everything using this powder. I love that it does not make my foundation cakey. I also like that it is scentless.

I also use this mid day during touchups. Make sure to use a blotting paper face to remove excess oil before patting a layer of this powder. It makes me shine-free for hours.

If you will notice, the packaging is plain and simple. It does not include a puff nor a mirror. I can’t complain because the quality is more than enough for the price. I apply this powder to my face using a powder brush or a kabuki brush (when not at home).

Overall, I admire that this powder works well with me. I am planning to hoard for backups. I know this product is also well-raved in the beauty bloggers world so comment below if you have tried this too!

Price: Php269, Essence Cosmetics Counters, SM Beauty Sections

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7 thoughts on “Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder Review

  1. very well said sis πŸ™‚ nice review πŸ™‚ totoo lahat ng sinabe mo πŸ™‚ favorite ko dn to e oily skn kase ako πŸ™‚ di nawawala sa routine ko to πŸ™‚ This product is a must buy tlga πŸ™‚ Godbless!

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  2. I wanna try it!! Though I need to buy a brush to use it? I don’t have makeup brushes kasi e. Beginner mode pa lang. Can you recommend an affordable yet good quality makeup brush/set? Not seen any review yet for face brushes πŸ˜…

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    1. Hi! The only face brushes I have is from Real Techniques and I have some from ELF and Marionnaud. 😊

      For beginners, I recommend ELF because they are around 200 pesos per brush only. If you only need a powder brush, then that’s good already.

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!! 😊


      1. Thanks! I forgot to tell you that sadly I read your reply after I bought the pact already, ( 299.00 from SM Beauty btw) and since I didn’t read the e.l.f recommendation, I sought help from the attendant instead. First she offered me a Flormar, which cost about 700+ πŸ˜“
        And she knew that I knew it’s too expensive, so she got me a B.T LA branded powder brush with lid. It cost 199.00 so I guess I can consider it a good buy. Though I really have no comparison as it is the first ever brush I’ll own, haha.
        I’ll check e.l.f next time!
        Thanks a looot 😘

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