Celeteque Acne Spot Corrector Gel Review

I am on my quest to find a great solution for zits that occassionally bothers me and I was thrilled about the reviews that this product is getting from other beauty bloggers. I also checked it from BeautyMNL reviews and almost all are positive. It is also always out of stock in Watsons so that made me think “Hey, this one might be really great”.

As per the packaging: How Celeteque Dermo science Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel works:

Uses beta hydroxy acid(BHA) combined with poly hydroxy acid (PHA) which aids in exfoliating dead skin cells and helps in diminishing pimples and other acne imperfections to achieve clear and smooth skin

Contains lilac leaf extract that helps reduce sebum production to prevent future acne breakouts

Has a biotechnological complex that acts as a natural astringent and sebum controller

The 5ml product is housed in a plastic tube that looks cute for me. The consistency is like your usual gel. It has a slight chemical scent because of the acid contents.

My thoughts?

I have a burning question inside me, how long does your pimple stays? For me 5 days is the maximum. After that, it just naturally goes away. Of course, there will still be a post-acne marks.

So the funny part here, most of the reviews shows improvement of their zits after around 4 days. Which in reality for me is the actual time that mine will dry out and mostly gone.

To be honest, what I am expecting is to lessen the days of having the zit or faster healing. Unfortunately, it does not do that. It really does nothing based on my experience.

And I am also confused as to why they are saying that this is affordable. You only get 5ml, if you apply everyday for four days, it won’t last you long. What if you have more than 1 zit that moment? This will not even take you a week.

Again, this is my personal opinion based on my experience. This might work for you, but for me it’s completely pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Celeteque and I want to buy from their makeup line soon.

Price: Php169, Watsons

Hope you find this review helpful!

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