V&M Naturals Bare It All Cream Minty Body Sorbet Review

I have been hearing a lot of good reviews of V&M Naturals products and I specifically got curious with their pure actives. I was only thinking of buying their very famous Tsubaki Oil (review will be published soon) and then get intrigued with the great selection of other products so I also bought their lip balm and another cult favorite which is their body sorbet Bare It All Cream.

As per the packaging, it is packed with emu oil to quickly penetrate the skin layer; harnesses shea butter, jojoba oil, and mango butter for deep moisturization and a gorgeous glow. Its claim to fame is that it effectively targets roughness, dark patches, and chicken skin. It is also perfect for sensitive skin types.

The packaging is minimalist, which I love to get from these kind of products.

The cream is purplish in color,but it does not tint your skin or anything. The texture is soft, smooth and gets easily absorbed by the skin. It is very light and is not sticky at all. The scent is glorious that I can’t stop sniffing the container.

At first, I thought that it is just your usual body cream. I was surprised that it is more than what I expected. After a few minutes of slathering this moisturizer to my whole body, I get that cold-minty sensation. The same concept when you put a mint lip balm. It feels great, especially when I showered after a long tiring day. The cool feeling and the relaxing scent helps me to sleep better.

I think it’s perfect for hot sunny days but I felt a little spoiled every time I smother this in my body.

They have two sizes for the tub, I got the 100g and they also have a bigger version for 25og. I am pretty sure that I will finish this very soon and I am planning to get the bigger tub next time.

Price: Php 285 for 100g, you can get it at 10% off in BeautyMnl

What other V&M Naturals product do you recommend? Comment it below.

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