Unboxing: Inglot X Glamourbox September 2016

This will be my first unboxing article because this is the first Beauty Box I’ve ever purchased. I am not really a fan of the element of surprise that is why I let pass all subscription boxes.

Upon knowing that Glamourbox is collaborating with Inglot (one of my favorite brands), I gave in. I said to myself that I want whatever products will be in that box.

So for Php1290.00, you will get worth Php6000 of makeup, exciting right?

Luckily, I was able to get a slot because I believe they won’t restock this anymore. And it was sold out very fast!!!

I love the classic box with “Inglot” printed on top.

So here’s the list of products included plus their actual prices:

I always wanted to try their Freedom System! I am thinking of buying the Freedom palette to put these babies on.

Here are all the products!!!!! So generous of you, Inglot.

The eyeshadow pans are on the side of neutrals. I love them. Will create a different blog post for the reviews.

The face blush.

I am thrilled to see that they included five lipstick shades that will definitely suit every skin tone.

Also, a discount voucher and a Beauty Makeover voucher worth Php1500.

Oh the best selling breathable nail enamel! One full size guys.

Lastly, I think adding an Inglot notebook is a cute concept. I definitely list all my to-buys here.

Overall, I am so happy with this Beauty Box and I really feel that it’s worth it. I will be posting the reviews of the products in a separate blog post.





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