ZENutrients All Natural Lip Scrub Review

I have posted a short and sweet review of this product in my Instagram page before, but I feel like I wasn’t able to give justice to this amazing product. I also didn’t provide detailed information on how I use it as well.

Like most of you are aware of, I am so much fond of matte lipsticks. It can be extremely drying on the lips, especially when I wear them for long hours. Good thing I found this lip scrub to save my lips for too much matte lipstick abuse. Also, the weather right now is so unpredictable. In some days, it rains so hard, other days it is extremely hot. I think that also causes dryness to our skin and lips.

As per the packaging, this scrub is made of Shea Butter, Beeswax, Honey and Natural Bioethylene beads from Sugar Cane.

The scrub is housed in a glass packaging, which makes it feel heavy. It also has a tin lid.

When you open it, the product seems like a pink paste that smells like honey and strawberry. You will see that there is an orange liquid settled at the bottom. The saleslady from zenutrients informed me to mix it using a toothpick before applying to the lips.

How I use it?

I apply a generous amount on my lips and leave it for about 3-5 minutes. At this point, you will have this cooling effect that you get from lip balms. Then I scrub my lips with the sugar cane beads for around a minute. I leave it again for another 5 minutes. Then you will notice that the beads will just melt on your lips. Wipe it off with a tissue.

My thoughts?

The lip scrub is pretty amazing because it leaves a little rosy tint on your lips after using. My lips also feel moisturized and exfoliated everytime I use this. It is so soft and supple! I prefer to use this at night after my skincare routine and lock it off by a lip balm before going to sleep. Please also be careful not to drop the product because the glass might break.

Overall, I love this scrub because it really works! I definitely recommend this to you girls.

Price: Php225.00 for 15g, Zenutrients Stalls

Comment below if you have tried this too!

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3 thoughts on “ZENutrients All Natural Lip Scrub Review

  1. Hi may i ask, where do u buy the sugarcane beads? I actually thought it would be a scrub however i dont see any scrubb. It is just like a lip balm 😅 though it moisturized my lips.

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