Loreal True Match Blur Cream Review

One of the most common problem for Filipinas are enlarged pores. I think this is mainly because of the weather here in our country. I hope we can be just like Koreans who look poreless AF. A popular game changer to address this skin concern is by using blur creams or pore minimizing creams before applying your foundation. The purpose is to leave an even and smooth surface to serve as the canvass of your makeup art.

I am reviewing the one now from Loreal.

As per the label:
Perfect Skin Surface, Pores Invisible
Micro blur technology soft focuses the skin, optically smooths pores

Ultra light Touch.
Non greasy, weightless. Texture fuses with skin for a barely-there sensation

The 25ml product is housed in plastic white tube with screw-on cap. It is actually light and good for travelling. I am not sure but I am kinda bothered with the nozzle opening because it disperses an uncontrollable amount of the cream. My tip here is to try to squeeze gently. It will give you a little product but just do so until you get the desired amount you need. This is better than getting and wasting the cream because you accidentally squeezed out a lot out of the tube.

How to Use?
The packaging says that you can use it alone. But for oily girl like me, I need at least a powder foundation to look decent. Basically, this is categorized under primer so it is meant to sit under your face base.

The texture is almost cream to powder. It also has a peach color, but clearly disappears when applied. It is also unscented.

My thoughts?
I have this blur cream for months now and I keep ignoring it. It is not because the product is bad. It’s just that I also have other primers who work better in terms of holding the makeup and preventing sebum production.

What I love about this is it feels light in your face. It’s like nothing has been applied on. It doesn’t really hide the pores, but the effect on me is my skin looks smoother and I can easily work on whatever base I want to use.

For oil control, I think it’s not really its forte, so retouching is still necessary.

Also, this product will not really minimize your pores as it is not formulated with other skincare properties.

I recently discovered that pairing this with Loreal’s True Match Genius yields better results. Maybe that’s the purpose of using the same brand because they kind of complements each other.

Overall, it is an okay product but doesn’t stand out much. If you are an oily gal like me, don’t expect too much. 

Price: Php400, but I got mine for Php300 during one of their sale events, Loreal Counters

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47 thoughts on “Loreal True Match Blur Cream Review

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  5. I am thinking of getting this sis. Good thing I have read your review, it will not suit my oily skin 😦 Thank you for making a review. What other primer can you suggest sis? Anyway belated happiest birthday ❀ May God bless you even more! IG: mcdanaleen πŸ™‚

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  6. Thanks for your nice review about this product. I want to try it na den 😁😍 by the way, super belated happy birthday sis 😊God bless. And thanks for your 4k Giveaway πŸ™‚ IG Username: @kathlynsnts22

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  7. Finally, a blogger with the same skin type made a review of it. I’ve seen other bloggers who review this product and most of them have dry skin. BTW, thanks for the review and hope to see more πŸ™‚
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  13. Hi! Your review is such a great help po. But can you also do compare/review with other blur creams out in the market like etude blur cream or maybelline pore minimizer. I’m planning to get one and I dont know which is better for my morena skintone. Thanks a lot. BTW, also joining your 4k giveaway. @euniversse

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