Vanity K Spa Experience- Anti Acne Facial

One Friday morning, I was walking in the mall and I just realized that I haven’t had facial done for months now. And to be honest, my face is breaking out now because of the deep-seated dirt that my skin care routine cannot handle.

I have decided to go to Flawless but they have a waiting time of 1-2 hours and being the regular impatient me, I left the clinic and look for another one that can service me asap. To my horror, the waiting time is also the same with the other beauty clinics/spas. Then, I came across Vanity K Spa who welcome me with immediate service.

So okay, it is a spa. But they also offer facial services and I decided to have the Anti Acne Facial that they have. I forgot to take a photo of their list of services and prices.

The place is quiet small and I remembered that I had a facial here before way back 2014 but just the regular one.

I will be citing the step by step process as I have remembered it. I wasn’t able to shoot photos because I became so sleepy the entire time. Thanks to the soothing scent of the place and the calming sound in the background.

1. Since I was wearing light makeup, it was removed by a foaming cleanser. The therapist also massaged my face during this part.

bare face and yes those are my blemishes

2. Next is the scrub. As I smelled it, it is oatmeal. This is the part where I started to feel sleepy.

3. A cool liquid was applied. I wasn’t able to ask what is it because I am almost dreaming during this part.

4. Steam. It took about 5 minutes. Fresh cucumbers were also placed in my eyes.

5. Pricking. Since I have so many comodones, this part is extremely painful for me. But looking on how much was removed, it is quiet satisfying.

comodones!!! when you think your face is clean, think again

6. Anti Acne Mask was applied to my face. Since my face is red and swollen from picking, this will help soothe it and at the same time killing the bacteria that causes acne. It was left to dry on my face for about 10 minutes. It smells like Nivea lotion, but is color green.

7. Laser. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the device. But if you are familiar with the feeling when you are going IPL, that’s it-just in your face.

8. Last part is the moisturizer and sunblock. It was light and was absorbed immediately.

My thoughts?

The whole process took more than an hour. My face is swelling after the session, but it became better the next day.

The staff was friendly but there is no extra service provided. I think they are friendly because they just kept on upselling other services to me.

The facial itself was fine, but I just notice the towels and sheet covers were not new. So instead using their towels, I used tissue that I have in my bag.

The price is quiet reasonable. The Anti Acne Facial is for Php700.

Overall, it is a good place but didn’t leave me with a wow factor after.

Tell me your thoughts about facials and comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Vanity K Spa Experience- Anti Acne Facial

  1. I tried na sa “Let’s face it” regular facial costs Php/1,500.00 this vanity k spa is more than cheap. I wanted to try there buti na lang nabasa ko ito kung hindi baka sa let’s face it nanaman ako mgpa facial. πŸ™‚

    I.g: @lovelymaylyn

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