Maybelline ColorSensational Creamy Mattes Brown Nude Lipstick in Nude Nuance + Swatch

When was the last time I purchased a lipstick from Maybelline? I really can’t remember. I feel like there is no shade that is ever unique for me to get- until Nude Nuance.

Maybelline released a line of brown nudes recently and I was surprised about how much positive reviews it is getting from the bloggers I look up to. The particular shade landed on Martha’s (The Beauty Junkee) monthly favorites and Ana Cay’s Ride or Die video. I tried to score it at Maybelline counters during the sale period but it is the only shade that is out of stock.

The Packaging:
The lipstick has a semi transparent brown cover that really reminds me of my mom’s lipsticks.

The Shade:

Nude Nuance for me is a dirty brown with hint of pink on it.

My thoughts?

I was amazed when I first swiped it. Maybelline definitely improved in all aspects, I must say. The pigmentation is good. Two swipes to get full coverage on my lips. I also noticed that the texture is indeed creamy and matte. It is not drying on the lips and is now less slippery than their old formulation.

For the staying power, it is also better that the former Maybelline lippies that I have tried. Though, the majority of the color fades away during meals. I don’t bother retouching for this one.

So it is worth the hype? I can say yes. Especially this shade because it really flatters my morena skin tone. It is not too dark for a brown shade, yet it gives your face that 90’s effect. Very wearable too. This is my current favorite lipstick when I can’t decide what to use.

nude nuance after 3 hours

Will I buy the other shades? I think NO, mainly because some shades are already a dupe of other lippies I own. I just really find Nude Nuance unique for some reason.

I rarely rave about drugstore lippies, but I am sure this line is a catch.

Price: Php299, BeautyMNL

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22 thoughts on “Maybelline ColorSensational Creamy Mattes Brown Nude Lipstick in Nude Nuance + Swatch

  1. I have Touch of Spice. On me it looks really brown after a few minutes of wear but on others it’s not. I have been reading a lot of raves about this line but i still can’t decide which one to buy. Hindi ko kasi ma swatch lahat, laging madalian sa mall. I want a brown lippie that has pink tone to it, not a very dark brown. I’ll look for Nude Nuance, sana hindi out of stock samin. By the way, i’m a morena, too and i’m a The Beauty Junkee reader, too!

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  2. That shade also is what I like but I haven’t bought one yet…been thinking a lot ’bout it coz I hve few lipsticks that I don’t get to use. I will put it in my wish list this December though..hehehe! It really has a nice shade of brown.
    IG: @mitzkeehpie

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