Flawless Experience – Acne Control Advanced Facial Review

Growing up, I never really had a serious acne issue. Yes, I am getting pimples from time to time, but not so intense that I have to seek for professional help. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and part of the perks is to try a lot of products. I thought I was doing okay. But just recently, I had a major breakout on the right side of my face. I thought it was just the usual monthly thingy, but when it didn’t cleared up after two weeks, I panicked.

The struggle here is to determine which product is the culprit. I was doing okay using all western and asian products on my face at the same time for months. I have a feeling that it is from an organic product but I can’t be so sure.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. I don’t want to wake up one day realizing that acne had taken over my face. I decided to try Flawless, for the first time. I always want to try their services for the longest time, but I didn’t feel like I need such. And today I will be sharing you my experience.

I arrived at Flawless SM Fairview branch around 1pm and I was readily assisted by one of their staff. Since it was my first time, I have to fill out some forms.

Also, since Flawless is celebrating their 15th year anniversary, I was given a set of vouchers that doubles as raffle coupons.

Before starting, I requested to use the restroom first and the message on the mirror made me took a photo.

Your bag can be placed in a locker under your treatment bed and they will give you the key.

They also let me sign my personal hygeinic kit, which includes disposable mask for the therapist, disposable needle, headband, tissues, cotton pads and an extractor. Very impressive! I wasn’t able to get a photo because the therapist opened it immediately after I signed.

Just a background, the Acne Control Advanced Facial uses a cooling Green Oxygenating Mask that targets acne-causing bacteria and delivers healing and soothing benefits to your skin.

Facial Process (based on how I remembered it):

1. To help you relax, the therapist will let you whiff her palms with lavender oil.

2. I was wearing light makeup, so it was removed by a foaming cleanser.

3. A softening cream was applied after. I always ask the therapist about the procedures being done.

4. Eye Cream was applied then covered by moist cotton pads. I was not able to take pictures because you know, it’s hard to. I wish I have my husband take photos for me but I don’t bring him when I do pampaarte stuff because he gets bored easily.

5. Steaming. This is in preparation for pricking. I think it took around 15 minutes for your face to be exposed under a warm steam to open up pores.

6. While the steaming is in process, my hands were covered in a warm beaded packs and they let me wear this under mittens for around 5 minutes. They will also give you a hand massage to help you relax even more. I was really looking forward to this because I read some reviews and I thought the pink mittens are so cute.

7. Vacuum. It was so fast I almost didn’t realize it was done. It is a suction that removes dead cells on your skin.

8. Pricking. It was tolerable around my forehead and left side of the face. When the therapist started on my right face, which has active pimples at the moment, I am almost in tears. It is so painful that we have to pause every once in a while. (Tiis ganda bes!) The therapist also showed me how much comedones she got from my face.

Looking around the interiors to distract myself during pricking. I see Jasmine Curtis all around the room!

9. A toner was applied to soothe my swollen face.

10. A gauze was topped to your face before they run the laser all over it. The therapist said that this will close and tighten the pores. I noticed that she focused more on the side where my acne breakout is.

11. The best part- Oxygenating Mask. It was a thick powder to gel mask that is so cool and relaxing. I let it to be all over my face except for my eyes. A firming mask was also applied on my neck. While waiting for it to be solidified, the therapist also gave me a quick back massage. Extra service!!!! After removing the mask, I noticed that it calmed down the super swollen face that I had after pricking.

I didn’t look good here

12. An anti inflammatory cream was also applied after followed by a sun cream. Thats it! Your done. I was instructed not to wash my face for at least six hours.

Swollen right cheeks after the facial

My thoughts?

Compared to other beauty clinics I have tried, Flawless is the cleanest and their service was indeed good.

My facialist, Jaja, also talked me through other services plus the current promos that they offer during the session. Now, I am more eager to try the Easy Peel!

Since I mentioned to the doctor that I am using several products at the same time and suspecting an organic product that caused this breakout, she advised me to get the Anti Acne Kit and use this regimen until my acne fades away.

The kit includes the SAS Soap, Astringent, Skin Whitening Cream and Sun Cream. I will make a separate review for the products. Also, upon purchasing this kit I was given a free classic facial for my next visit which is valid for one month.

My new skincare routine until the acne fades away

Personal tips to make the most of your Flawless trip:

Download the Flawless app and book an appointment in advance. If you don’t like waiting like I do, better to set an appointment. The app is user-friendly and also contains information that you can find in their website.

Don’t wear makeup before having treatments. This is for the doctor to better assess your skin condition.

Do ask. If you are curious about something, ask. If you are interested with other services, ask them how it works. The staff will be more than willing to assist you with the services and the products.

My overall experience with Flawless is so good that I want to try other services soon. I will be using the kit they prescribed to me and I will definitely report back it’s effectivity.

Price: Php 980

Let me know what you think and comment below!

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