BDJ Petit Planner 2017 Review – Belle De Jour Planners

You know that I mostly write about beauty and skincare here in my blog. Now, I am trying to add more about lifestyle.

I have always been a “list girl”. I tried doing a bullet journal last July but lately I’ve been leaning towards the world of planners.

My problem with choosing planners is that they are either stuffed with pages that I don’t use or they feel so incomplete for my planning needs. Also, I never liked any of those coffee shop planners. Aside from I am not into caffeinated drinks, I also find them overrated.

Belle De Jour is one of the popular planner suppliers here in the Philippines. They have different types of planners to choose from depending on your personality and goals. I used to have the 2012 version of it. But as I grew older, I started to dislike the BDJ planner itself because it is crowded with sections that I will not use throughout the year. Although, you can get a lifestyle card and discount coupons with it.

Then I came across the BDJ Petit Planner. It’s actually the minimalist version of their flagship planner. It is compact and small enough to bring anywhere. It’s almost the same size of an iPhone 6s.

The teal color with a cute lettering cover easily caught my attention. I find it too cute to just pass on.

The first page is actually a quote that says “Trust your heart to overcome the waves”. This is their quote of the year.

You will also get a 2017 and 2018 calendar.

There are pages where you can write your ideas.

There are also pages dedicated for you to write your bucket list. It is pre-filled with categories already, but you can always put stickers on it and write your own personal lists.

The monthly view. There is also a note section on the left side.

The weekly view is in a horizontal layout. It is perfect for writing all your appointments and to do’s for the day.

It is also color coded per month.

In the back section, there is a lot of note spaces for you to write anything you want. You can put your spending logs or just do some journaling in there.

There is also a small zipped pouch on the back cover where you can put receipts or movie tickets.

Overall, I like the minimalist approach on this planner. The pastel theme is pretty enough if you are not into decorating. It is also very compact and perfect for girls who dislike bringing a lot of stuff. Basically, if you just want something where you can regularly write your lists, then this the perfect planner for you. It’s almost perfect for me.

I am still thinking if how I will utilize this one as I have also ordered some planners from Michaels (yes, I am taking a plunge into using multiple planners for 2017). I will update you once I figured out the set up that I want.

Price: Php320, National Bookstore, Fully booked

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