What’s In My iPhone Tag

This is a Youtube tag that I always wanted to do. I thought I can just blog about this instead.

So to start with, I am an iPhone user since iPhone 3gs so I am pretty much attached to the brand. I have tried using Samsung S4 for a couple of months before but I feel like it’s too complicated for my lazy brain.

Today, I am going to show the apps that I have in my iPhone 6s in Rose gold.

other 2 iphones are not mine

I have only one page for all of my apps. I don’t know but I just want to see everything at once.

The bottom layer is for the most used apps like Settings, Messages, Phone and Photos.

Most of my apps are for Social Media like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, myMail (my favorite email app), Twitter, Viber, Snapchat and Pinterest.

I also downloaded the app for WordPress because I can edit and publish my posts from there. I can also check my daily stats using their mobile app.

I also have Google Chrome (for browsing), Zomato (what I use to stalk restaurants and their menus).

TED is an app where you can watch all the TED talks.

Instrack is what I use to check my Instagram unfollowers.

Hangouts works like Messenger or Viber. I have this because this is what we use for work related messages.

Shopee, another favorite app because it is a shopping app!

Upwork. I don’t use this much now. But before here is how I communicate when clients hire me for freelance jobs.

PayMaya is a convenient app for online shopping.

BPI app and Smart Postpaid App is for checking my finances and my plan usage.

This folder is specific for writing. Whenever I don’t have my laptop open, I draft my blog post using the Matcha App. I also include the dictionary app and the notepad in this folder.

For utilities, I just put random apps that I am not sure how I will classify them. I have Fantastical 2 (calendar), Dropbox and Google Drive (files backup), 1Password (just because I can be so forgetful), Betternet (using this whenever I connect to public wi-fi) and Waze.

For Photo Apps, I have VSCO Cam, PicsArt, Snapseed, Boomerang, Facetune, Camera360 and Over.

For Games, I only have 2048 and Link Pro because they can kill time AF! I don’t play much on my phone because it lowers my battery fast. I do games on my iPad though.

Update: I also have Grab app just installed! Convenient for everyday commute.

Another update:

I also have Bloglovin (follow me here) now!

I also downloaded the Flawless app because it’s convenient whenever I will schedule my visits.

Last is Etsy, because I am into artsy stuff lately.

There you go, comment below if you have amazing apps that you want me to try!

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9 thoughts on “What’s In My iPhone Tag

  1. I don’t have any game on my (Samsung) phone because i don’t want to drain my battery so i just play when i’m at home with a tablet. I check Gmail everyday. Aside from social media apps, i have Zalora, Lazada and Shoppee. I also have mirror and flashlight app because i am a Girlscout, hihi!

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  2. I never had an iphone in my entire life, thats why sometimes parang nakakainggit sa iba seeing them using those expensive phones… Lol.. Pero im positive that someday, i will have an iphone for myself. In gods perfect time…. Ang mahal kasi cant afford pa sa ngayon…. Nice topic mam….

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  3. You have great apps! Very organized din po even with your phone apps. I’ve always loved apple gadgets. My iPad mini is literally indestructible, it has withstood so many disastrous falls and beating (mostly from my son) lol. I think I’ll try the apps that I don’t have on my phone. I have Zalora, lazada at shopee too.

    IG: melissa07161990

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