Flawless Acne Control Kit Review

I talked about my sudden breakout story in my review of Flawless Advanced Anti Acne Facial and during that day, the doctor also recommended me to use the Acne Control Kit.

I have been using this kit religiously for over a month now and I will review about them individually today.

This was the first time that I used a prescribed skin care regimen so I can’t compare it with other dermatologist’s recommendations. I never had a problem with acne before, but I think my new diet and an organic product triggered it.

Here are the products included in the kit:

1. SAS SOAP (90g)
Specially designed to combat acne-causing bacteria and minimize oiliness.

The soap form kinda throws me off because I am used with liquid-based cleansers. The therapist advised me to cut it into smaller pieces to prolong the soap itself. The main composition is Salicylic acid. I use this twice a day to cleanse my face. It can be a little drying to the skin.

Helps to close the pores and cleanse the impurities of the skin.

I don’t have much to say about this toner. It does not sting and it helps remove all the remaining residue from your face. I also use this twice a day.

For acne-prone and hyperpigmentation. Helps exfoliate dead skin.

There is no moisturizer included in this kit but the last step for the night routine is this cream. It is unscented and light. I was told to use a small amount only and just apply it to the parts of my face where there are pimple scars.

Helps to protect the skin from the sun damage.

The original kit includes a sun protect gel. However, they don’t have a stock the day I purchased it so they replaced it with a cream instead. One thing about this is it can make your face oily. I was so tempted to replace it with my Biore sunscreen, but I need to follow the regimen for at least a month, so I was pretty stuck to this one.

You know me, I don’t rave about something based on first impressions, especially when it comes to skin care products. You need at least a two weeks to see if it suits your skin and another two weeks to check for improvements.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture on how bad my breakout last month. Right now, after using the kit for a month and 2 facial sessions, my face has gradually calmed down. I get some tiny bumps from time to time, but it goes away after some time. I think this is effective to those who occasionally suffer from acne during the time of the month. But just a reminder that the improvement doesn’t happen overnight, you need to use it consistently to show evident results.

Now, my problem is the dark spots left by the acne. I might go for the Easy Peel after the holidays (because I don’t want my skin peeling during Christmas!). I will update you and post it here, so please stay tuned.

Price: Php1100 for the kit, they also sell it separately however, I wasn’t able to get the breakdown of the prices.

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4 thoughts on “Flawless Acne Control Kit Review

  1. I’m glad i read your blog, I mean I learn a lot and get to take note of the products that you review. I have an oily skin type and I get break outs every now and then, especially when I get stressed. πŸ˜” Thanks for another good article na. Keith. 😊

    IG: Melissa07161990

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  2. Gusto ko magpa advance ance facial kemerut din at itry tong acne set kasi friend ko ok din sa kanya and ngayon nagpapaFNT sya or Facial Needling Therapy. Kaso nagbebreak out ako sa Salicylic Acid, and yun pala main compo nitong soap. Ask ko lang po kung lahat ba ng nasa kit may Salicylic Acid?

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