2017 Classic Happy Planner- Minty Fresh Review

I tried bullet journaling this 2016 and I loved it! My life has never been so organized. However, there are days that I am so lazy to create my own layouts. I’ve been searching for a perfect planner and I came across a lot of options. I was actually overwhelmed for two weeks! I didn’t know that there is such a big selection of planners and the community is so diverse. Local planners are great but I became interested to more customizable options. Now, I am a happy owner of a Happy Planner Classic Size Minty Fresh.

Why I chose the Happy Planner?

1. The designs of each planner are pretty and unique. I can stare all day at the dashboards and lovely layouts.

2. Fully customizable. The disc bound system will let you add or remove pages anythime. Me and my big ideas has a wide range of planner inserts and accessories that you can add to your planner.

Removable pages

3. The vertical weekly layout screams functionality.

4. Price is good. I initially thought of buying Erin Condren, but too expensive for me. Especially if you will order it directly from US (postage fees). Happy Planners are around $19.99-$34.99 depending on the size. I bought mine during Michaels Black Friday sale so I got it for $14.99.

Some photos of the Minty Fresh Planner

Ready for 2017! So pretty

Laminated tabs and gold foiled monthly dashboards

Why I chose Minty Fresh design?
I love the Mint Cover that says “you are amazing. The dashboards are minimalistic but girly.

 Video flipthrough from Me and My Big Ideas:

My thoughts?
I super love this planner. I will definitely buy accessories and inserts for this one. I will be using this as my home/blogging and personal plans.

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22 thoughts on “2017 Classic Happy Planner- Minty Fresh Review

  1. Wow this is surely a nice planner. This will help anyone to be more organize and more active in doing their daily activities in more organize way…

    IG: gerls03

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  2. Your planner looks cute! I usually do planning and use plnners too.but when u become a full time mom (just like me) everything is so spontaneous..no more planning na more of multi-tasking na! Hehehe! But what you do is really a nice thing to do.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sooo cute ng planner.. Before nag pa planner din aq kso ndi q din tlga masunod eh..heheh will try again to have one and hopefully mgkasundo na kmi ni planner πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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