Happy Planner Deluxe Cover Review

I will be using my very first Happy Planner as my main planner for 2016 and what is more exciting than buying accessories for it, right?

Happy Planners are made cute and pretty. The laminated cover is just perfect. But if you’re like me who feels like it needs an added protection, one option is to use their Deluxe Cover.

I was a bit torn if I will get the snap on one. I mean, it also protects the planner but I need something with pen loops and pockets.

I got the Rose Gold color for myself.

The inside of it was blue. I wish it was black or white instead.

The planner itself is big and has a faux leather feel when you touch it.

On the left side, there are two regular pockets and one secretarial pocket for stickers and clips.

The right side has a closed pocket where you will insert the back cover of your planner. There is also another pocket for notepad (or stickers again). The cover also has an elastic pen loop.

It also has a snap in closure.

My thoughts?

I love that the cover instantly provides a classy and professional look to your planner. Especially if you will use yours for work or business. I know it’s big, but I carry big bags so I don’t mind. I also like that it was built exactly to fit the expander discs as well.

Let me know what you think!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Planner Deluxe Cover Review

  1. i absolutely love the color! its classy and unique. Its perfect for the women-on the- go like you to schedule your daily activities. I bet your 2017 will be a busy year. Cheers for your success miss keith!!

    fb: vivian rosales

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