Life Lately: Miss Universe, Diet, Travis Family

I rarely write personal things in my blog because I always think that my readers will not care about what I will say. I fear that it will be a junk and my effort will come into waste. And I realized that this is my web space after all, I can definitely write whatever I want to. So I might do this monthly, an article giving a rundown of my recent thoughts and new things that happened to me.

First things first, Miss Universe. I am not a pageant girl, but it has always been a dream for me. I always wish I was taller to meet height requirements. But that’s life, you want what you don’t have and I’m fairly happy with the way I was created.

Miss Universe clearly shows us that you don’t win because of your looks or because of that sexy body. You will win because you are a package- confident, good attitude and ready to step up as a role model for the women all over the world. France or Haiti, I think they both deserve it.

To our very own Maxine Medina, she’s wonderful and I love her. I, myself, does not function very well under pressure. Can you imagine how much she had on her chest all throughout the competition? Stop the hate and I hope we all love her still.


Travis Family. They were here in the Philippines for three weeks and it really breaks my heart that I wasn’t able to meet them. I didn’t get a chance to buy a ticket because I am working that time. 

Congratulations Judy for the Pixi Palettes. I will definitely get those soon. JMK, you baby bears are the cutest ever.


Financial Goals. I declared February as a “no spend month”. I am pretty confident I can make it through this challenge. I have done this already last year. You may check my personal tips on how I survived the month without online shopping here.

Don’t judge me if I post hauls because those are purchased by the month of January.


The Beauty Junkee Event.
I will be attending Martha Sta. Barbara’s #LifeGoals and #Browgoals workshop on February 12 2017. Yehey!

Diet Update
Just to share that I am starting to cut out dairy in my life. I have a hunch that it is what causing me to break out lately.
I am also taking Lactezin twice a day. I will write a separate blog post regarding the mentioned anti acne pill.

That’s all for now! Talk to you later.

*All images are from Google Images, CTO

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