Beauty Empties 2017.1

One of my new year’s resolution is to finish products before buying new ones.

This will be the first ones I emptied or I need to throw out for this year. I will also let you know if I will buy them again.

1. Etude House Golden Ratio.
NO. Very awful product. I got this from a makeup swap and I am not even sure if it’s authentic. I didn’t use it ever, might as well throw it away.

2. Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch.
YES. Me and my husband shared on this one. We also wasted around 4-5 patches because it dropped on the floor after removing it from the sheet. I wrote a review here. I like to have a backup of it for emergencies.

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.
YES if on sale. Maybelline holds sale from time to time. I usually get what’s new. So I might get it again if the price is discounted.

4. It’s Skin PO Serum
NO. I liked it, don’t get me wrong. But my skin needs a stronger one with anti acne properties so I may not repurchase this anytime soon.

5. The Body Shop Smokey 2-in 1 Gel Liner.
NO. I will get the famous Inglot gel liner this time. I want to try other brands as well.

6. Nivea Creme.
YES. No explanation needed. I’ve used a lot of this. Good stuff, good stuff.

7. Random brand brushes
Just throwing things I don’t use anymore.

Also, if you want to check my previous empties click here.

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Hi there! I am a blogger and social media influencer from the Philippines. I love collecting makeup and I am big on skin care! Welcome to my thoughts and I hope you enjoy dropping by! :)

2 thoughts on “Beauty Empties 2017.1

  1. My fave mascara is the Maybelline Hypercurl. 😊 I’ve placed an order for the cosrx pimple patch. I’ve been wanting to try it since I read your article about the patches. 😊

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