The Beauty Junkee’s #LifeGoals and #BrowGoals Workshop

I’ve been a fan of Beauty Blogger Martha Sta. Barbara for the longest time. I discovered her blog way back 2011 and it is one of the reasons I got into beauty blogging as well.

I remember my 19 year old self attending her anniversary workshop and I have been supporting her since then.

Recently, she announced a surprise workshop in Facebook and I was one of the lucky early commenters to get the slot.

The event took place in Benefit SM Megamall.

The first part of the event was all about learning the art og Ikigai, a Japanese way of passion-finding that will help you laser focus on your goals. It was conducted by Darlene Ty, BDJ Power Planner founder.

We also got a short introduction and tips on how to do bullet journaling. This workshop is really meant for me.

 Just look at all the BDJ planners!!!

Second part of the workshop is the Billion Dollar Brows Workshop by Martha herself, using Benefit brow products.

The techniques she shared are quick and simple but will definitely up your brow game.

Benefit products that we all get to take home.

Some quick snacks with my co-participants.

Overall, I learned so much during this event. The Ikigai workshop is such a heaven sent for me because I feel like my life needs more focus and organization. The Billion Dollar Brows was very helpful as well. Learning new tricks is always a good thing to improve the way you groom yourself.

Congratulations Martha on this successful event and to your engagement. I am looking forward to your next workshop!! I will always be a fan of yours.

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Hi there! I am a blogger and social media influencer from the Philippines. I love collecting makeup and I am big on skin care! Welcome to my thoughts and I hope you enjoy dropping by! :)

4 thoughts on “The Beauty Junkee’s #LifeGoals and #BrowGoals Workshop

  1. Wow! Sounds like you had an amazing experience Ms. Keith. 😊 Thanks for sharing this to us, we may not have been able to attend her workshop but atleast we got a glimpse through your blog. 😘

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