Etude House AC Clean Up Mask Sheet Review

What can be more exciting than a sheet mask that promises to clear up acne? Sounds good right?

I have an acne prone skin and I make sure to check all the details of the products I use. I came across the AC Clean Up line by Etude House. Since I still have a large stash of skincare products waiting to be used, I settled on just getting the mask sheets (I need to try at least one from the line).

According to the website:
Formulated Salicylic Acid, mask sheet made from bamboo fibers supplies soothing moisture and relief to troubled skin.

How to use + Ingredients:

My thoughts?
The mask sheet weighs 27 g and fully submerged in the essence. It’s almost dripping like all other masks.

I love the cooling effect once is it placed on my face. Instead of using it for just 10 mins, I let it rest on my face for good ol’ 20 minutes.

Tip: Keep the packaging with the remaining essence. You can use cotton pads and use it the next day as patches.

This is not a one night magic. I love this mask compared to others that I have tried because there is a visible calming effect every time I use it. Take note that it also doesn’t clear up pimples immediately. It only helps it to cure faster. But I tell you, it is way better than other masks dedicated for troubled skin. A good discovery indeed!

The only thing I have against this is the price. It is pricier than other ones I have tried. I only use this mask when my skin really needs it, not for normal days.

Now I am eyeing on other AC Clean Up products!!!

Price: Php148 per mask sheet, Etude House

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