Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer Review

I usually use my hands to apply liquid foundation and I know it’s not freaking right. I have tried several face brushes before and I haven’t found something that does it right when it comes to liquid bases.

The Morphe hype is everywhere. I heard a lot of good reviews and praises for their brushes and there eyeshadow collections are to die for.

I recently got one of their bestsellers which is M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush.

According to Morphe website:
This full, domed brush has the density to apply foundation evenly and flawlessly. One of our most popular brushes for buffing foundation to an airbrushed finish.

Bristle Type: Synthetic
Bristles: 1 3/8″
Full Length: 5 7/8″

The brush has a thick matte black handle that is perfect for its purpose (although it gets dirty easily). The grip is perfect when you buff the product into your face. It also has a chrome brush base.

How I Use It?
I don’t directly dip the brush to the foundation. I apply the foundation in small dots around my face, put Tsubaki oil on the brush or spray it with facial mist, then buff it in all around my face.

*adding oil or face mist to the brush is optional. I just do this to achieve dewy effect on my face.

My thoughts?
I love that this brush is so dense that it applies liquid foundation evenly and smoothly. The bristles are soft and are fully packed together. This is best used for liquid or cream foundations.

I am not exaggerating when I say that it really gives an amazing coverage and flawless look. The finish of my foundation looks natural because of this brush. This made me question all other face brushes I have tried in my life. It is so good that I want to buy more as back ups.

After wash:
I have washed it a few times now and I was very impressed that it doesn’t shed as much as other brushes do. It is still in shape even if I didn’t use brush guards on it.

Overall, if you are not into collecting dozens of brushes and really wants a quality product, you must definitely get this one. You will see how much you are missing in life!!! I truly love this brush girls! The hype is real on this one, I tell you.

Price: P850.00, Hotfindsmanila

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