L’oreal Paris Smooth Intense Anti-Freeze Serum Review

One of the biggest beauty issue that I have is my crazy hair. Majority of the days in my life is literally bad hair day. I have also gone through a lot of hair treatments and I feel like it is so damaged right now.

I used to be obsessed with Leave-on conditioners because it kinda tames my hair instantly and saves me from further embarrassment. About a year ago, a friend introduced me to L’oreal’s version of leave on but is enriched with Argan Oil. I was completely obsessed and bought my own bottle immediately.

I don’t know why but I left it inside one of my bags and just rediscovered it weeks ago and I was like “Where are you when I needed you?”

As per the label:
L’oreal Paris Smooth Intense Anti-Freeze Serum, with Argan Oil, naturally rich in essential fatty acids, provides nutrition and protection for intense smoothing. Your hair is nourised from root to tip and protected from the effects of humid or dry condition, such as frizz and puffiness. Your hair is silky, sleek and manageable.

How to Use?
According to the label, it can be used for both wet or dry hair. The recommended amount is 1-2 pumps and distribute evenly through the hair.

My thoughts?
Okay, so I tried searching for other reviews of this product and I wonder why it doesn’t have a good rating in Makeup Alley.

It smells okay for me, like the regular L’oreal shampoos. No hint of the scent of Argan Oil.

The texture is a hybrid of oil and gel. It’s not really sticky but it has a slight slide effect. For my hair, which is medium length one pump is enough to perfectly coat it entirely. I also don’t want to put too much as I am afraid that my hair will look greasy.

It does a great job in taming my tresses, especially when I commute. It’s like a life-saver product that can help you look decent whenever you have a hair issue. It also helps untangle frizzy hair and smoothen it. It doesn’t really give you that natural shine, bur I don’t mind. As long as my hair is in place and looks okay, I am okay.

Overall, it’s a great product to have in your everyday bag because you’ll never know when a hair emergency will happen. I also think that it is an underrated product from the drugstore. I’ll definitely repurchase this.

Price: Php300+ for 100ml, Watsons

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