Benefit The Porefessional License To Blot Review

Oiliness is next to ugliness- and it also makes you look dirty. I know I know, I have the oiliest face in the world and the struggle of keeping it matte all day is such a serious task. I can’t leave the house without blotting papers/tissues because they are literally a life-saver for me.

I got really excited when I won a full size License to Blot from the TBJ event that was sponsored by Benefit Cosmetics. I have been willing to try this product for the longest time, but I always have second thoughts because of the price tag.

According to the packaging:

BLOT on the spot! This instant oil-blotting stick with tiny invisible blotting spheres mattifies shine for up to 6 hours after application.* The specially designed triangular tip targets shiny zones…the sides of your nose, forehead and chin. Oil has finally met its matte!

The matte balm is housed in a triangular shaped stick that is designed specifically for the application to the areas that are hard to reach like the sides of the nose (which becomes so oily for me) and below the lips. It is also small and compact- I can just put it in my wallet.

How to use?
It can be used both before and after makeup. I have read other bloggers use this a primer as well. For me, I prefer to use it just to blot oil from my face.

My thoughts?
Okay, I know Benefit is such a good brand and their Porefessional line is one of the bests out there. However, I find this product to be just okay. It claims to blur out pores, but I did not really notice anything that way. When it comes to absorbing the oil from my face, it just performed on the average. It does mattifies your skin a little bit but it is such a work doing multiple taps on the areas that are super oily.

Another thing, you also need to remember to wipe off the top layer every after use (especially when you use it on top of makeup) for sanitary purposes. Doing this, you are technically getting product on your tissue and wasting it.

Overall, I like the concept of this product. I still bring it along with me, should there be a need to use it. But personally, I still prefer my usual oil blotting tissues.

Price: P1100, Benefit Cosmetics Branches

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