Snoe It’s Oat K! It’s Alright! Hydrating Facial Mist Review

Snoe is one of my favorite makeup and skin care local brand. You can never go wrong with the wide selection of products, eye-catching packaging and witty product names. I truly swear by their Awesome Poresome Face Scrub. I have also tried their What’s Up Brow Eyebrow Mascara, Pinacolada Body Spritz and some of their lippies and I can attest to the quality and effectivity.

Their It’s Oat-K, It’s Alright range has also the basic skin care essentials like cleansers and moisturizers. 

I am a sucker for facial mists because it instantly refreshes you from the hot weather that we have. I always make sure to bring a face mist whenever I go.

As per the website:
Oat Extract: anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and moisturizing. It can soothe, smooth, and nourish skin.

Acerola Cherry: contains the highest form of vitamin C that can easily be absorbed by the body. It has a high content of polyphenols, some of which are unique to this particular fruit.

Lactic Acid: reduces fine lines,improves skin tone and texture, helps fade pigmentation and acne scars and controls and prevents oiliness and breakouts. It helps stimulate collagen production for firmer and softer skin.

Witch Hazel: anti-irritant and reduces inflammation caused by acne.

This one that I got is the new and reformulated version. Based on my research, it used to contain goat’s milk instead of witch hazel and lactic acid. I actually prefer the new one since it has now become more soothed for oily and acne prone skin.

The Packaging:

The 100ml product is housed in a typical spray bottle. I am not sure if I just got a bad bottle, because I can’t put it inside my bag without spilling. I also have an issue with the spray pump itself. It does not mist my face like the usual sprays that gives you a scattered thousand drops. This one spits on me, directly on just one spot. I feel like it defeats the purpose of misting and spraying it on top of my makeup. 

So because of having a bad pump, I resorted in spraying it first on my palm and just lightly dab and tap it all around my face.

Buying Experience?

When I was at the Snoe counter, I asked the saleslady if it is strongly scented. She said that it is UNSCENTED. Then I requested if I can sniff it, she said there’s no tester and the expiration date will start once we open the item. So I didn’t argue. The Snoe staff are so friendly, I can’t complain to that but I feel like they are not aware of the nature of their products and they just give unsure answers to the customers. Because I was right from the beginning, it is NOT UNSCENTED and it has a strong oatmeal scent. 

My thoughts?

Does it refreshes? Not as good as I am expecting. The mist is like a fusion of oil and water so there’s a slight sticky feeling.

Does it cleanses? I think it does because of the properties mentioned above.

Does it moisturizes? YES. Since I can’t seem to bring this outdoors because of the bottle issue, I use it as a moisturizer primer. After applying the toner in the morning, I apply this on my face before using my regular moisturizer. I love that it hydrates my face enough after cleansing and preps my face for the heavier moisturizer. So yes, I repurposed this product.

It didn’t break me out as well.

Overall, if you love the scent of oatmeal then you can try this. But if you are looking for a refreshing mist that really relieves you from the heat, then this is not your baby.

I hope this review shed some light on you before making a purchase.

Price: Php399, Snoe Counter, Landmark Trinoma

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