Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Fresh Watery Cream Review

To be honest, finding the right moisturizer for my skin is a bit difficult. Most that I have tried before had caused my skin to break out so badly. I was in search for a light cream that is suited for oily skin and I found this one from Nature Republic.

According to the website:

Ultimate Hydration
Made of sea water and lots of maritime extracts, it will provide the ultimate hydration and protection from environmental pollutants.

Deep Sea Water
Uses Sea water 914m below the surface of the seas of Hawaii Kona. Hawaii, the island of life where arctic water from Greenland mixes with sea water for thousands of years and filled with life an clean energy.


It comes in three variants. For combination, dry and oily skin.

The packaging is a glass tub that is pretty heavy. I saw from other bloggers that it comes with a spatula, but mine does not have. So I used a recycled spatula from one of my other creams before to scoop the product from the container.

It has a fresh water scent that I love. It has a very lightweight consistency and gets easily absorbed by my skin. It has also a light cooling effect when applied. I like that it’s not as heavy as other creams and you will instantly feel the hydration it gives.

My thoughts?

This is the only cream that I have been applying on my face for months now, both for day and night skin care routine. I like that it does not contribute to oil production and keeps my face feeling fresh. I also didn’t experience any breakouts with this product. I also have been recommending this to my friends who also have an oily skin type. I just wished the container was lighter so I can bring it with me when I travel. Aside from that, I think this is a good find.

Price: P530, Althea Korea


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