Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack Review Part 2

This will be the second half of the mask variants from Beauty Friends II. You can check the first half here.

As per the packaging:

This water-soluble essence mask sheet pack is designed to deeply moisturize and condition the skin using concentrated natural plant extracts that help the skin absorb the nutrients.

Green Tea
Includes Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract which are naturally rich in antioxidants, which helps to protect skin from free radicals

-smells okay and suitable for acne prone skin, calms and soothes skin

Includes Solanum Lycopersicum Fruit Extract that help to make skin elastic and rejuvenated, prevent formation of melanin while it cleanses and moisturizes

– i personally dislike the smell (like tomato catsup) but skin feels bright after use

Includes Vitamin E that helps to protect skin from the damage caused by free radicals

-nothing special about this one. I only have a few of this that’s why I didn’t remember the effect on me

Includes Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract that help tighten pores, soften rough skin

-another favorite of mine. I love that my skin feels extra soft and firm because of this mask.

Red Ginseng
Includes red ginseng giving out natural fragrance that tighten skin pores

-i hate the scent.It works okay but I wish the scent is more tolerable.

Includes Citrus Lemon Fruit Extract that contains a lot of Vitamin c that helps make skin elastic and rejuvenated

-perfect for nights when you want to relax.

My thoughts?

The 23g mask sheet contains a lot of essence. It will literally drip when you unfold the sheet. The sheet itself is soft. Since my face is small, there is a bit challenge in fitting it perfectly on my face.

I love that it has a lot of variants depending on your skin needs. I will have another post reviewing the other half of my haul.

Overall, some variants has immediate effects on my skin. I use this on my night skin care routine. I surely recommend this if you love sheet masking and you are on a budget.

Price: Php15/mask, Shopee

Let me know what you think and comment below.

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