Banila Co Prime Primer Matte Review

Ever since I started using primers, I always buy the ones that says oil-free or matte. I guess it is how I will live forever as an oily skin gal. I was excited to try Banila Co.’s Prime Primer Matte because of the overflowing good reviews I see online.

According to the website:

Award-winning primer that delivers a shine-free, flawless finish
Provides a clean, powdery, silky, second-skin finish; creates a smooth, uniform canvas for flawless makeup application; minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and other imperfections; helps makeup stay put and last longer

The 30ml primer is housed in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. It also comes with a cover lock to make sure that you don’t accidentally pump out the product.

There are a lot of other variants to choose from such as the Classic, Hydrating etc. but I chose the Classic Matte for obvious reasons.

It has the same usual citrusy cosmetics scent that I found to be common with Korean products.

The primer dispenses as a gel but spreads out lightly and thinly on your skin. It is not silicone-y or anything as you expect for matte primers to be. It can be a little runny but dries down like matte moisturizers. You won’t feel any tightening or anything. It also yields a smooth finish so you can have a good canvass for your base.

My thoughts?
This baby has been my best friend for months now and I can’t believe I am almost out of it. I like the way that it is not heavy and feels like nothing which makes it perfect this season.

For oil control, I can say that it helps extend my makeup and not oil for at least 5 hours. It does not make your face flat matte really, it just helps control oil production. I also didn’t notice any effects in pore blurring. I guess that is why they have the Blur version.

In my opinion, the Becca Ever Matte Primer is still the best so far. This one from Banila Co. is a great alternative if you find Becca to be too pricey. It is a decent product and it works!

Tip: Skip moisturizer when using this as it may affect the performance of the primer itself.

Overall, I recommend this to my fellow oily skin girls. If you want a light primer that works, this is a good purchase.

Banila Co. do have branches here in the Philippines and can also be availed through BeautyMNL. I bought mine from Althea Korea since it is cheaper. I remember last year Banila Co. PH posted on Instagram that they are the only authorized seller and after that Althea began to stock less of their products. I think it is sad but that’s how they roll in marketing.

Price: P530, Althea Korea


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4 thoughts on “Banila Co Prime Primer Matte Review

  1. Nasubukan ko to trial pack lang hindi nalulusaw ang makeup pag oily. Yung face ko pag walang primer na gamit nag o-oily sya and visible ang pores.

    IG: mikarlalalyssa

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