It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector Review

I just discovered using serums mid 2016 and I am obsessed ever since. One of the first brands I have tried is It’s Skin. I have finished two bottles of the PO effector. I loved it at first but my second bottle feels so so.

Since I am recently aiming to lighten my pimple marks and dark spots, I decided to try the VC effector which is one of the brand’s best seller variant.

According to website:


For the packaging, it looks like your regular serum glass bottle with a dropper. The bottle is actually color yellow, but the product in it isn’t. I think this just to add identification and to easily differentiate from the other variants that they offer.

The consistency is runny and watery. I have read reviews saying that it is thick. In my opinion, it is not. The PO effector is indeed thicker. I don’t know, maybe they have changed their formulation. But for me, it is light and spreads easily on the skin. It can be incorporated for both day and night skin care routines.

How I Use It?
I apply this serum after essence part. I also use this together with Skin & Lab Vit. C Cream and Mizon Lemon Calming Cream to yield better results.

My thoughts?
For a very affordable serum, I am impressed. I noticed the brightening effect just after the first use. I am not exaggerating. You know me, I dislike products that does nothing. After 1 month straight of using it during night time, I feel like my dark spots had lighten. I also didn’t experience any breakouts or irritation while I use this product.

Overall, if you need an affordable answer to pesky pimple marks- this will be your best friend. Make sure to use it regularly to see results.

If I will buy another variant, I want to try the Propolis one.

Price: Php 390.00, Althea Korea


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