Rire Lip Manicure High Fix 11 Pink Brown Review + Swatch

Korean skin care has totally invaded my life. They are the best!! I am such a stalker of Althea Korea because they carry most of the brands that I want to try. But I know some of you are asking me about what I think about their makeup products. I am recently testing their face and lip products and the first item that I am going to review is this Rire Lip Manicure.

Being a matte lipstick lover, I was immediately sold when I saw this on Althea.

According to the description:

I am not sure if the description made sense to you, but I think what Rire is saying:
It is transfer proof, water proof and long lasting lip product that can last for hours.


The packaging is the first thing you will notice about this product. It is small and cute. Definitely inspired by a nail polish bottle.
It comes with a very weird applicator. I like how cute this thing looks, but I have so many issues about the packaging:

1. The applicator is too small. It is such a work to apply the product, especially if you are used to long applicator wands.

2. The applicator does not pick much product. The bottle itself does not allow it to. The shape of it makes it hard to scoop more product.

Anyways, I got the shade 11 Pink Brown. There are 10 more shades from this line. I found other colors to be very bright and vivid.

Pink brown- perfect for everyday use. It is a subtle pink with brown undertones. Looks good on any skin tone.

My thoughts?
The lip manicure has a very creamy consistency when applied and dries down super matte in a matter of seconds. I like it because it literally stays put on your lips for hours even after eating. It is also very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I am also happy with the shade I chose.

However, aside from the applicator issue, it can be too drying for some. For me, I like it that way. I can handle the mattest lipstick of them all.

Overall, I am in love with the formula of the product. I like to wear when I don’t want to touch up my lips during the day. I just hope they improve the packaging because I feel like some product will be wasted because it can not be scooped out of the bottle.

Price: P350, Althea Korea

Have you tried this yet? Did you like it? Comment your thoughts below.


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