Skinfood Egg White Peel Off Nose Pack Review

I love using nose packs because they effectively remove my blackheads. I have tried a lot of different brands before and I like that more brands are now releasing their versions.

I got this nose pack from my Althea Korea Pore box. It’s so sad that they only included one!

As per website description:
It is a peel off nose pack containing egg white extract to make nose smooth by removing blackheads and sebum

The nose pack looks like this.

How to use?

My thoughts?
The sheet can be removed easily. I mean you can peel it off without being hurt so much (based on the others I have used). My nose area also feels smooth just as what Skinfood promised.

I don’t have much blackheads the day I used it.

Overall, I like that this product is simple to use yet effective. I don’t mind getting a pack of this in the future. Make sure to put special care to your nose area, and using products like this at least once a week can really make a difference!


Have you tried this already? Comment your experience and thoughts below.

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8 thoughts on “Skinfood Egg White Peel Off Nose Pack Review

  1. Wow I would love to try this skin food egg white peel off nose pack. Base on review sis this will make my blackheads away. This will be a big help to all the girls who has a blackheads problem. Thanks for the review sis…Gidbless😊😊😊💞💞💞
    IG: @annerevilleza

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  2. “SKINFOOD EGG WHITE PEEL OFF NOSE was a must have.I can say this would really worth to buy.Me,blackheads is my problem too.And I’ve tried some other products but I used only once because its irritating on my nose.But thank for this review I will try this for good.

    IG @micayteves

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  3. Ayy pak tong itry! Dpa ko nakapg try ng products ng SkinFood bukod dun sa Black Sugar facial mask nla. And I love it! Maganda dn ang egg white na pang face regimen in a natural way. Kaso mejo malansa haha. Na try ko na, talaga mababanat ung face mo literally 😂 pero itong egg white nose pack is a must try! IG: @kathlynsnts22

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  4. I have tried that kind of nose strip before but on a different brand. I didin’t know how to use it at first because of its language written in Korean. As thorough reading on the package w/c it has English written directions that is very small to notice. Anyways, I did get to use it for the second time but I didn’t really like it that much. It didn’t really remove the blackheads or whiteheads on my nose. I don’t know if its the product or the way I applied it.


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