Beachborn Sun Balm Review

Summer has been intense right? I can’t even describe how much it has changed over the years. I used to love summer but recently I was just hiding inside my house, staying away from the harmful UV rays.

I hoarded a lot of sunscreens for protection. For my lips? I used and abused Beachborn’s Sun Balm.

According to the website:
It is a long wearing + ultra moisturizing lip balm that protect lips from UV rays. It has SPF25.

Key Ingredients: VCO, Shea Butter, Beeswax

The packaging is almost the same of their BamBalm, you may check my full review here.

Another cool part is that it is Bubblegum flavor.

My thoughts?
I love that this product is really moisturizing. I have the driest lips in the world and this help soothes and avoid my lips to crack. It is also a big plus that it has SPF. I use this alone or under and lip products.

I am so proud of Beachborn because they have extended their product line. I am also a fan of their customer service- no doubt it became a real hit!

Price: Php128, BeautyMNL

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26 thoughts on “Beachborn Sun Balm Review

  1. Wow this beach born lip balm is really awesome. This is really best for summer and wow a lip balm with spf25 this is really great and the price is huh…Thanks for the really nice review about it. Godbless and more reviews to CME.😍😍😍💕💕💕👌👌👌
    IG: @gerls03

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  2. I want to try this fabulous lipbam kasi super dry talaga ang lips ko sa kaka motor hatid sundo sa anak ko sa school.
    Instagram: @jhenny_duran

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  3. I also experience the same situation wherein I easily get irritated with my dry lips 😔 And wow this Beachborn Sun Balm is really a beneficial one having a SPF25 and it’s very alternative for a very hot days. A big thanks for the nice review👍.
    IG: @loyalwinter

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  4. Kailangan ko ito lagi kase crack yung lips ko hinde ko alam ang problema kung lips ko or lipstick. Hinde kase talaga ako gumagamit kasi ng lip balm.

    Instgram & FB name: Jeanette Layar

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  5. I really want to try this lip balm, Kasi super dry po talaga ng lips ko at minsan eh may crack na super hapdi pa. Very affordable naman, kaya Keri sa bulsa.
    IG : @angeliecuna

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  6. I love how it’s affordable. Sana lang magibg available siya sa mga physical stores. Question ko lang how was it pag nasa lips na? Is it sticky/tacky? I hope moisturizing siya pero yung tipong hindi greasy sa feeling.

    Ig: @iamztellar

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  7. May i ask saang physical store to pwede mabili? I’m currently addicted with lip balms these days, and meron pa tong spf!! Hopefully meron to sa mga physical stores, watsons? Sm dept store? Thank you!

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  8. I love this and i want to try this Beachborn’s Sun Balm 💓 Kasi nakakainis palaging nag ddry yung lips ko and super ang hapdi nya.


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  9. I want to try this. 😊 And I found the solution for dry lips. 💞💕 This sun balm is so affordable price and effective used. I joined to your giveaway. Thank you so much. 😊 IG: @ritsheenggg ♡

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  10. Wow super nice para sa mga kagaya ko na super dry ang lips 😦 May spf na and very affordable yung price. Hope that 1 day, matry ko din yung sun balm na yan. 😍💞

    IG: assylanitsuga

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