Life Lately: Quarter Life Crisis, Flawless Easy Peel, #OITNB5

This is the third edition of this Blog Segment. Life Lately is a combination of personal, beauty and random stuff that happens in my life. The past few months were pretty straight and boring. I had dedicated majority of my time to work. Good thing is that I have a lot of blog drafts- that is why my blog contents are still consistent.

Quarter Life Crisis. Age reveal here. Yes, I am turning 25 this year and there’s a lot of things in my life that makes me feel anxious, doubtful and stressed. I mean, at a glance, everything seems working okay. But there’s something that I feel like is missing. I am planning to have an alone time or maybe a vacation alone, so I can reflect more on what else I want to do with my life. But fuck it, maybe I just really want to unwind and get away from the daily stress of my life.


Flawless Easy Peel. After a long debate with myself, I have decided to finally try this service from flawless. I have already scheduled an appointment and I will definitely update you on how it goes and what I think of it.

Orange is the New Black Season 5. Who’s watching this Netflix series? Definitely one of my favorites! Even though I hate the guts of Piper, I love the back stories of each cast and that gives the show more sense. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil you on the season details. Through this show, I just realized that people always love to complain. Thinking of the situation of the prisoners here in the Philippines, their setup in Litchfield is way more humane and reasonable. They complain about their food, their bunks and GED program- imagine how they will react if they will see our prison situation. So yeah, don’t complain. Many people are in worse situation than you are and they are still thankful for what is being given to them.


Okay, too much for my ranting.

Until my next life lately segment! Peace out!

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One thought on “Life Lately: Quarter Life Crisis, Flawless Easy Peel, #OITNB5

  1. Ironic nga e parang mas may standard pa amg education sa loob ng preso ng ibang bansa kesa sa ilang schools dito 😞


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