The Beauty Bakery Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist Review

I love face mists! I always carry one with me whenever I go out because it is such a life saver. It instantly refreshes your face and boosts your mood.

I got a new baby from Beauty MNL and it is one of the best seller products they got for 2016 and the reviews are all good. I attempted to purchase this months ago, but never had the luck to grab it while it is in stock.

According to Beauty MNL description:
All the good stuff in a sweet-smelling bottle that refreshes and clarifies, Beauty Bakery’s Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist is specially made to keep you feeling crisp and clean all day. Each delicious bottle contains an unbeatable blend of Witch Hazel Water and Tea Tree Extract to fight off inflammation and bad bacteria, and is infused with a bright, clean citrus scent to keep you smelling fresh no matter the occasion.

Product can be refrigerated to heighten cooling sensation.

About the brand:
The awesome team behind Beauty Bakery believe that it’s time to celebrate the women of today. Ladies, whether you’re aged 1-100, pregnant or soon-to-be, a bride, grandmother, tween or teen, we owe it to ourselves to be good to our skin. Pamper yourself with a delectable line of all-natural, paraben and preservative-free products that are made fresh just for you. Luscious body butters, deliciously sweet sprays, and yummy whipped lotions are what await when you try any of their products, designed to satisfy any skin craving!

The 150ml product is housed in a glass bottle, which is kinda heavy for me to put in my bag. I also fear that I might accidentally drop it and break the bottle. So I might transfer it in another plastic spritzer.

My thoughts?
The scent is heavenly. The combination of Witch Hazel and Tea Tree gives a satisfying and soothing feeling in every spray. The mist is also not sticky and does refreshes my face in an instant.

I also like that it is affordable because I use it every time.

How I Use it?
Aside from its function as a regular face mist, I also use it to dampen my foundation brush before buffing it into my face. It gives an even and natural finish to my face.
I sometimes use it as a primer spray/ setting spray as well.

Overall, this facial mist is a must-have. It is also suited for all skin types and is formulated with natural ingredients. The hype is real on this one!

Update: The bottle claims that it has 150ml but I accidentally discovered that it’s just only 100ml. How did i find out? By the time you are reading this, I have finished the mist already. I transferred another 100ml mist with bad spritzer and it had filled the bottle to its extent. Meaning, the bottle can hold just 100ml. I am so disappointed because I love the product but I don’t like the idea of them deceiving the customers with the amount of product they put in. That is just so way out of the line.

Update (June 28 2017 6:55 pm): Beauty Bakery Co had reached out to me through Instagram. They have cleared the issue about the bottle labels. I appreciate them for doing so and I commend their customer service.  Also, I turned out a bit strong with my words and I deeply apologize for this. All I want is to provide the most honest reviews to my readers and I appreciate everyone who is supporting me because of this. So girls, let’s not worry about this issue as I was assured by the company that they will look through this and see to it that the bottles have the correct amount of product. I will personally buy more of this product because I really love it! Thanks Beauty Bakery Co for being open to criticism. You guys are awesome!

Price: P265, BeautyMNL

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18 thoughts on “The Beauty Bakery Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist Review

  1. another great review ms. keith! witch hazel and tea tree oil in one are a good combi for us acneprone skin. kaso bakit ganern, 100ml lang pla sya, eh 150ml nakalagay 😱 hope they will change the label soon.

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  2. Nice review. And also, medyo mura sya compared sa ibaaaaa. And I hope na they won’t deceive people sa susunod. That’s sad na they need to do that pa. Or baka wrong labeling lang din. We don’t know. But thank you for these reviews. @engrdanaigama

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  3. galing mo sis nadiskubre mo yun! Thanks sa super honest review mo. Nkita ko nga yan sa Beautymnl prang na tetempt ako bumili pgka ubos ng mist ko kaso hihintayin ko muna maayos nila yung about sa right amount ng product nila. Ok lang yun sis wala kang mali ginawa. keep it up! 🙂

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  4. I should get this one next time, specially when they have P1 shipping fee. I should have included it in my purchase, maybe next time.
    When I read the Witch Hazel and Tea Tree..oohh! This is perfect for my sensitive/acne prone skin. I should really get this coz I’ve been wanting to try witch hazel. Anyways, thanks for sharing your reviews.

    * @mitzkeehpie


  5. I want to try this, I also read a review about this product. And its super ganda daw. I have super oily skin, acne prone pa and I will surely try this. Im start loving reading your blogs, big help to find remedies sa mga problem ko sa skin ko. ❤❤❤

    IG: mishaaable

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  6. I’ll definitely consider buying this next time. I’m into mists as well recently and I still have 3 bottles from different brands. Uubusin ko muna sila then I’ll try this one. 🙂 (@jelovelyse32)

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  7. It’s indeed disappointing that they have an “issue with bottle labels”. I’m considering buying this product too, good thing I saw your review first. I noticed on BeautyMNL that 150ml is P265 (probably this is the one with wrong info on actual amount), and 85ml is P199. That’s 66 pesos difference for 15ml of product. Hmm..the inner kuripot in me computes the unit price per millilitre in each container as follows:
    P265 for 100ml (labeled as 150ml) = 2.65 pesos per ml
    P199 for 85 ml = 2.34 per ml

    So I guess i’m getting more bang for my buck at 85 ml? Hope they can fix their labels/prices/bottle soonest because I’ve read great reviews about the product. 🙂


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