V&M Naturals Lulur Soap Review

One of my greatest pleasures in life is taking a long pampering bath. Nothing beats the relaxing effect to both your mind and body. I am a big fan of body washes because they are easier to use, but lately I am in the mood for to use soap bars with all natural ingredients.

V&M Naturals has a wide range of bar soaps. Depending on your skin type and needs, they got you all covered. I have been using the Lulur soap for weeks now.

According to the website:
CLAIM TO FAME: A skin-invigorating formula inspired by the ancient Javanese beauty ritual of Lulur, in which a bride-to-be was massaged, exfoliated, bathed, and moisturized

FAST FACTS: Sloughs off dead cells with its unique texture; clarifies the complexion using turmeric, emu oil, and tea tree; laced with all-natural calamansi, papain, and arbutin to whiten dark patches

PERFECT FOR: DIY spa-seekers in the mood for at-home pampering

NET WEIGHT: Approximately 135g
Emu Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Turmeric, Tea Tree Leaves, Shea Butter, Arbutin, Calamansi, Papain, Olive Oil, Coconut, Mango

The color of the soap doesn’t exactly match the photo online. But I read a disclaimer that it is normal because of the handmade quality of the soap.

Though there are a lot of ingredients that have their own distinct scent, the soap mostly smells like tea.

My thoughts?
The soap is very good for exfoliation because of it’s texture. The scent is divine and really relaxing for me. It is very moisturizing and soft to the skin.

I also love that it doesn’t melt quickly like other organic soaps.

Soap texture

I didn’t notice any brightening or clarifying effect so far. One thing I notice is that it doesn’t leave my skin so dry, I can go my day without applying body lotion.

Overall, I definitely recommend this soap if you want to feel extra pampered when you showered. I am very excited to try all other variants from V&M Naturals because I am truly happy with my experience with the Lulur Soap.

Price: Php295.00, BeautyMNL

Have you tried any of their soaps yet?
Which one is your favorite? Comment it below.

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18 thoughts on “V&M Naturals Lulur Soap Review

  1. When I read this, one thing came into my mind the Lulur body scrub that is available at our local supermarkets and malls. I haven’t tried any V&M products, I’m sure it is really great and natural product but it is quite pricey for me. You know moms like me, may budget! Hehehe!

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  2. I’ve encountered a lot of hand-made soap, but all of them are promising, and some are pricey, but this lulur I think if you want something different to try on your me time, it would really help you to relax and pamper your self in an instant if you have this soap, thank you for sharing your thoughts about lulur soap, and many ideas and love to share in the future ❤❤❤
    Ig: ash_rawlinson

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  3. Reading this review makes me want to buy and try one Lulur bar soap! Please continue creating blogs that are worth reading. God bless! BTW, I joined your giveaway. IG&FB: loracocollo ♥

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  4. Mejo pricey ang soap pero kung may makita ako nito sa mall i would also like to try one of their products. I have heard several reviews before and bec organic nmn, i look forward to try one too. Ig: jeyniejane

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  5. I’ve been into organic soaps since October last year but I haven’t given this brand attention yet. I’ll definitely put this in my list of soaps to try. I still have tons of soap in stock. 🙂 (@jelovelyse32)

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  6. I also love taking long baths! I am not into soaps but I like those with textures like the oatmeal soap and I would love to try this to see if it really works hehe 😀 @smchuuuu

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  7. I have tried 3 soaps of V&M and seriously it was very good, Salt of Himalayas and Karma Cleans and I forgot the other one, but it makes may skin whitens, naalis talaga ung mga dead skin and flawless talaga, Medyo pricey nga lang talaga sya. Nung una parang nabigla ako na napaorder ako ng 3 bars pero sulit naman.

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