Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk Review

Oh I love Biore! Ever since I discovered the Watery Essence and their makeup wipes, I cannot help but want to try all the other products they sell.

For the past year, I have been very strict with myself when it comes to sunscreen. I always make sure to apply every day, even when I just stay at home. Doing so, I noticed that my skin is more refined and radiant.

Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk caught my attention because of the pink packaging. There is also another version which is the Face Milk and I will definitely try that after I finish this one.

According to the packaging:

How to use + Ingredients:

Unlike the watery essence which has 50ml of product, this one only has 30ml. The packaging is a small plastic bottle with small nozzle opening.

The sunscreen has a light smell like that of a lotion but fades away after a few minutes.

The consistency is very runny and light which I prefer. It also has a faint pink color but completety goes invisible when applied to the face.

My thoughts?

What’s not to love with this product? Aside from it does not give any white cast, it is incredibly light. It is like you never applied anything. It is perfect to go underneath your makeup. It does not react or change the tone of your base. It actually gives a slight brightening effect, making you look more radiant.

I also notice that it has a matte-powdery finish. It does not contribute to oil production and it is said to be perspiration and water resistant. Talk about amazeballs!

The SPF Protection, well we can’t really test it but being a Biore user I know the claims are 100% true. I also never had any break outs while using this so I can say that it is fit for girls who have sensitive or acne prone skin.

Overall, I found another love in Biore! I definitely recommended this because it is a good sunscreen especially for oily skin type.

Make sure you stay protected everyday!

Price: Php380, SM Beauty Section, Watsons, BeautyMNL

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