Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Review

I have been debating with myself if I will write a review for this product because I had this for more than a year now. It is one of my first purchases when I started discovering the K-beauty world. I don’t know much about other brands then that is why I just bought what seems to be popular at that moment. And who does not want anything that provides special care with pores?

Upon checking Etude House website, there is actually two variations of this product. There is a 7 in 1 and what I got is the 10 in 1.

According to the website description:
It is a 10 in 1 ultra pore solution
Balance skin’s ideal PH level, refine skin tones, keep the elasticity of the pores, remove skin surface’s dead skin cells, cleanse pore insides with cooling effect, deep cleanse pores, minimize appearance of pores, control large amount of sebum, moisturizes inside and outside of the skin, complete smooth glass-like texture.

I have actually discarded the box so here’s some pictures from google.

It comes in a big 250 ml plastic bottle. With the size of this product, it can actually last for a year.

How I use it?
Being a toner, I apply it using cotton pads on my face after cleansing. I am currently using it for both day and night skin care routine.

My thoughts?
I know that there are more elaborate reviews about this product out there, but I still want to give my own thoughts on this. First thing that I have noticed about it is the scent, it has a mild alcohol smell. And I was right, it contains alcohol. This may bother some, especially those who have sensitive skin. For me, there are days that it works okay and there are moments that I feel like that it can be so drying.

Anyway, I like how you can really see from the cotton pads that it had helped remove all the deep-seated dirt that wasn’t able to removed by my cleansers.

I have used this for a while now and I can say that it is an okay toner. Of course it does not magically shrink your pores, but it helps prevent its enlargement due to sebum controlling properties. The only issue I have, like most other k-beauty junkies out there is- this product becomes boring in time. I mean it is not a bad toner at all, in fact it is good. However, there will be a point that you just want to move on to the next product.

Overall, if you are into products that can lasts you for a long time and works, you can try this one. It is best recommended to oily skin type.

Price: Php450, Althea Korea

*some images are from google

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