Colourette BESSSSS Starter Pak Review

Early this year, I reviewed Colourette’s Boss Babe Starter Pak. You can check it here.

These lipstick sets are a collaboration by my favorite local Youtuber Michelle Dy with Colourette Cosmetics.

The BESSSS set comes with two lipstick shades namely: Bethany and Persia (from their first collection) + Uno lip primer which I will be reviewing separately.

I have mentioned this previously that the packaging of these lipsticks looks very similar to my Inglot lipsticks. Although, it feels more like of a plastic because it weighs less than Inglot’s packaging.

As per the website:
Made with all natural actives like Vitamin C and E, Collagen, Hyalauronic acid, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Grapeseed oil and Avocado oil, this functional lipstick plumps, moisturizes and hydrates the lips while keeping it vibrantly beautiful.

Bethany – Mauve Nude

I honestly got this set because of this shade. They are saying that it is a very flattering nude shade for morenas and I definitely agree. I love this shade!!! It’s the kind of nude that does not wash off my face.

Persia – Blue tone red

I feel like it is more of a plum. The shade reminds me of MAC Rebel. Also, I noticed that this shade gets uneven in just an hour.

My thoughts?

The finish of the coloursticks are creamy matte. Compared to the Boss Babe set, this one has the regular lipstick scent. Upon my observation, this can last around hours without eating. Of course, the Uno Lip Primer helps extend the wear.

It is also very pigmented, even Bethany (nude).

My concerns about this product:
-it leaves an uneven stain on your lips even though you wiped it off with a makeup remover
-there is a heavy feeling when worn and I am not sure if itโ€™s just me but it has a stinging effect right after you removed it.

Overall, I love Michelle Dy’s concept of putting lipstick sets with witty names. Also, Colourette has launched a lot more products that I am very much willing to test and review in the future.

Price: Php999/set, Colourette Online

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7 thoughts on “Colourette BESSSSS Starter Pak Review

  1. I super love Bethany, it was my first purchase from them, back in 2006. I wonder why yours have regular lipstick scent, tho, when mine has that coffee/mocha scent. So curious about Inglot lippies. Would love to try them, too.

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