W-Lab Black Kill 3 Step Nose Pack Review

One of my beauty blogger friends recommended this product. She said it is very effective when it comes to removing blackheads from the nose area so I gave it a try.

I have tried a 3 step packs like this from Holika Holika and I loved it.

So the concept is very simples, there are three steps that you need to follow to achieve blackhead-free skin.

First part is the steam. It removes the oil from your skin and opens (prepares) your pores for extraction. The sheets is very moist and slippery, make sure to keep it in place for around 10 minutes.

Second part is the suction. This is the part where a patch containing clay ingredients will be attached to your skin for blackhead absorption. It needs to be pressed against your skin for about 10-15 minutes before pulling it out.

I wasn’t able to show the photo after the extraction because I threw it away and forgot to take picture.

Lastly, the pore protection/ pore corset. This is like a mask sheet with cooling effect. It will soothe your skin after the extraction and helps close the pores.

This is my favorite part. I noticed that my nose area is not as red and my pores were visibly smaller.

Also, I forgot to take picture.

I found this product effective for me. However I have some issues:

-the sunction patch does not fit well on my nose area. There are areas that were not covered well.

-the corset patch might have irritated me a bit because I feel itchy after.

Overall, I still prefer the liquid blackhead packs than this. I recommend this if you have a small nose like Koreans, I feel like it was shaped after their features.

Price: Php80/sheet, Althea Korea

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2 thoughts on “W-Lab Black Kill 3 Step Nose Pack Review

  1. There are lots of nose pore strips available, but I don’t know which one really works. I prefer black pore strips for I can see clearly if it really sucks outthe dirt in my pores.

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