Purederm Spot Reducer Gel Patches Review

Having an acne prone skin, I always make sure to stock spot treatments. I personally love COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch because that thing works. I recently got a same concept product from Purederm and I will let you know what I think of it.

According to the packaging:
Contains proven acne-fighting ingredient that works all night
Visibly reduce redness in days
Non-irritating, Non-drying

How to Use?

One box contains 3 packs with 10 Hydrogel patches each. The patch has one standard size, unlike COSRX that has three sizes.

The patches have the look of the material used in regular bandages-the brown thing. It is also scentless.

My thoughts?

Having COSRX as a comparison, I had high hopes with this product. I applied it to my open zit while I was working one night and after less than an hour, it just fell off my face. I thought the adhesive was affected by the moisturizer I have used then, so I gave it a try the next day. Same thing happened! I didn’t have any creamy or slippery skin when I attached it on my face but it still fell off. I am not sure if I got a bad batch, but it just doesn’t seem to adhere to my skin the way I want it for me to test if it is effective or not.

I do apologize if this review might not even help you in deciding. I really wish that this product works because the price is very good for a total of 30 patches.

I still love other Purederm products such as the Makeup Cleansing Towelletes and their Eye masks.

Let me know if your experience is different from mine.

Price: Around Php100, Watsons

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2 thoughts on “Purederm Spot Reducer Gel Patches Review

  1. It’s my first time to try a pimple patch, I wanted to try the Cosrx but it’s more pricey than this. So opted to try this one first and for I know Purederm is a good product. Just like what happened to you, this patch didn’t adhere to my skin very well. I thought it is best to use this overnight, well the next morning I woke up nothing on my skin the patch is all on my pillow. Plus, I didn’t think it helps in reducing the size and the redness of my pimples. I would be trying the Cosrx next read good reviews about it.

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