Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base Review

I have mentioned before that I do a lot of things in a day. I have a full time job and I blog regularly. Also, there are a lot of other responsibilities and tasks that I do in a daily basis. What I am trying to tell is- I rarely get a complete 8 hours of sleep!

That being said, I am also attracted to products that claims to brighten or reduce the appearance of dark circles and I came across Tony Moly’s Panda’s Dream line just recently.

According to the website:
Tony Moly’s Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base is a portable eye serum base in a stick, infused with chrysin and brightening peptides to illuminate the look of skin around the eye area. Awaken tired eyes, while you instantly nourish and luminize the skin with this lightly tinted, brightening eye base. Infused with pearl extracts and chrysin, it can be worn alone or as a primer underneath your concealer to instantly brighten up the look of dark circles at home or on the go.

The best part! I love the cute Panda cover. It is also small and very portable.

The formula is creamy but spreads out well. It has a slight mint shampoo scent.

How and when I use this?

1) As an eyeshadow primer.

2) As undereye concealer base.

My thoughts?

It appears to be pearly white when swatched. Don’t panic though, it disappears as you blend it and just leaves a brightened skin.

It really does brighten the under eye area, but don’t put too much. It will not look natural anymore.

It also claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines- that I wasn’t able to notice.

Some bloggers say that it can be used as highlighter as well. But I tell you now, don’t attempt to try. Yeah, it gives a pearlized effect but you don’t want to ruin your face base just trying to blend this evenly. It is not meant to be a highlighter for me.

Overall, I can say that it is an okay product. It works for me I guess but sometimes I just forgot that I have this product in my stash. LOL. You know what I mean.

Price: Php290, Althea Korea


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2 thoughts on “Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base Review

  1. I thought this product will help reduce undereye darkness eventually as you continue using it but I think it only brightems temporarily. Just like a concealer or a color corrector,in my opinion.

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