Natural Pacific Last Spot Solution Review

Where have you been all my life? This product is one of the best finds I have this year. You can’t blame me, it works wonders for my oily and acne prone skin.

Well, I discovered the brand Natural Pacific from Althea. I was looking for the best spot treatment and gave this a try. I was sold immediately when I saw the ingredients list.

According to the website:


The product is housed in a plastic tube with small nozzle opening.

It dispenses as a light cream and has a slight tea tree scent.

My thoughts?

Definitely all praises for this product. I used this whenever I have a pimple. Just apply it after your morning / night routine and just leave it until it fades. I was amazed that upon first usage, my pimple (imagine big-red-i-wanna-pop-out pimple) dried in a matter of hours. How great is that? I have tried a lot of brands but this one holds the record of drying the zit the fastest. Some products take days. Natural Pacific Last Spot Solution does it within the day.

1. When using at night time, let your pimple absorb the product first before hitting the sack.

2. For acne breakouts, you can apply more than twice a day. As long as the previous application has been fully absorbed.

3. Apply on a clean face.

Overall, very realiable and effective product! I literally can’t live without this. It is great to have whenever you have pimple emergency. Also the tube has 30ml product, meaning it goes a long way. I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs immediate solution to breakout problems.

Price: Php520, Althea Korea

Get additional Php200 off when you purchase from ALTHEA! Get your code here:


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2 thoughts on “Natural Pacific Last Spot Solution Review

  1. I saw this on someones blog (i think) which I can’t remember. That this works great for pimples. I wanted to get this but it’s too pricey for me for a single product. I wanted to maximize my points from Althea. Maybe and hopefully when I get to win again..I’ll get this one. Thanks for sharing!

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